Samurai Jack Is Set To Return In 2016!

vnwtns8vgj2z9cdwwxp2.pngThis is possibly the greatest cartoon related news I’ve heard since a Teen Titans series was made! Cartoon Network officially announced yesterday that the insanely popular series Samurai Jack will be returning to our television screens with a fresh new series to continue the story of the beloved and noble hero in 2016. The confirmation came from a brief video that showcased a updated outline of Jack (was not expecting that!) and the well known villain/antagonist of the series, Aku. The series will be helmed by Genndy Tartakovsky, the original creator of the animated series, and will air its new run on the late night Toonami block that can be seen every Saturday night on Cartoon Network.

Samurai Jack originally told the story of Jack (clearly), a samurai displaced into a futuristic timeline who hopes to travel back to his time and defeat Aku to prevent the dystopian future that has he has been thrown into. The series ran for 52 episodes, and achieved massive critical acclaim – earning 4 Primetime Emmy Awards, and accumulating a fan base that ranged from children to adults for its comedic elements, yet very serious ongoing plot. Of course fans like myself have often hoped to see a continuation for Samurai Jack, and yet the announcement came as the best surprise we could have asked for! Check out the brief teaser below, and stay tuned for more Samurai Jack updates! 


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