The Strangers 2 Gets An Official Release Date

the strangers

After years of being in project limbo, the upcoming horror film The Strangers 2 has been given an official release date. The original film focused on a trio of masked murders nicknamed Pin-up Girl, The Man in the Mask, and Dollface, collectively tormenting a struggling couple while visiting a family vacation house. I found The Strangers to be an exceptional thriller/horror movie, but overall the film was only moderately received with a decent amount of profit compared to average horror films, so a sequel still seemed entirely plausible – but for 8 years we were given little to no information. Relativity Studios has finally provided confirmation that The Strangers 2 will move forward, with a release date aimed for December 2nd, 2016.

The Strangers sequel film will follow a new family that includes a troubled daughter hoping to bond on a family “vacation” together. When they begin to face hard times financially, the family arrives to a mobile-home park that is also run by a relative but they soon discover he has been murdered by the quiet and creepy killers from the first film. When the sequel was originally in early discussions, there were plans to briefly involve Liv Tyler as her character who (barely) survived the events of the 2008 plot. The Strangers 2 doesn’t have any official cast or director to announce at the moment, but being one of Relativity Studios first major films in recent years should indicate they’ll do their best to do the sequel justice – so I’m still hoping for a Liv Tyler cameo, it can happen right?

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