Rumors Suggest ‘Left 4 Dead 3’ Could Be In The Works

left 4 dead 3


It has been 3 years since the popular zombie survival video game franchise Left 4 Dead released its enhanced sequel with positive reception, and it quickly became a horror genre game to remember. It was assumed that there would be a Left 4 Dead 3 in our near future, but news on the possibility of a third installment has been virtually nonexistent with only the occasional statement that left us feeling like our hopes weren’t likely to come to fruition. That all (hopefully) changed by giving us a sliver lining of hope from an alleged document (from a possible Valve employee) that claims there is still a high chance we could be seeing the return of the Left 4 Dead world rather soon. With even a slight notion of a L4D continuation game, my interests are instantly peaked along with many other fans. 

The rumor suggests that Valve is actively developing Left 4 Dead 3, prioritizing the importance of L4D3 over another highly anticipated sequel under the Valve umbrella, titled Half Life 3. If what the report states has validity, it also means that Half Life 3 wouldn’t be released until late 2017 to early 2018 with a rumored release of late 2016 to early 2017 for Left 4 Dead 3. The source states that there will be six new campaigns to play, with four new characters introduced as a “prequel-sequel” to the franchise taking place shortly after the initial zombie virus outbreak. It would be a brilliant decision to pull a surprise release with the game, after creating a successful game series that relies on teamwork and constant awareness of your surroundings in a dangerous open world that set the bar for other horror video games. If the game is as far along as suggested, we should be getting a little more indication regarding the franchise soon enough, as well as the future of the Half Life series which has equally dedicated and eager fans awaiting additional confirmation. Come on Valve, you know you want to bless us with Left 4 Dead 3!

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