Earlier today, Funimation announced their company was undergoing a major change in their streaming services, with new possibilities in the works for anime fans. The streaming service will be called FunimationNow, slated to land in February – with new downloadable apps made compatible for convenient streaming through Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Windows 10 universal. The website states that a mobile revamp will be made in the near future (February as well) for iOS, Kindle applications, and Android phones to make anime available on the go. As if that isn’t enough, video game consoles and Roku streaming will offer the FunimationNow channel sometime in May – once things are situated with the first wave of upgrades. Another positive announcement for anime fans outside of the US is that they officially announced FunimationNow will also stream in the UK! While many of the options (mobile and consoles for example) are available as of now, Funimation makes it clear that this is a considerably improved platform for anime lovers, even launching a new purple and white simplistic logo to exhibit their rebranding plans for what’s to come.

“New Year. New Shows. New Look.” Seems to be their current tagline, and with the early steps taken to transition, it’s sure to be a fun year for anime! If you’re interested in signing up for FunimationNow, they are also offering a 30 day free trials after previous using a 14 day pass for their services. Check out the official announcement below from the new Funimation, and check out their website for more info!    

“First things first, February will mark the debut of FunimationNow, our all-new anime streaming service, with completely redesigned mobile apps. We’ll still be bringing you all the subtitled and English-dubbed anime you love, completely ad-free—PLUS, a sleek new design supported by a first-class user experience. But that’s not all, throughout the year we’ll continue introducing a bunch of cool new features as we prepare for the May launch of a reimagined website experience that will revolutionize the way fans discover, watch, share, and connect with anime.

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