Director Quentin Tarantino has created numerous films with different inspirations over the course of his career, and now he’s expressing an interest to try something different than his usual concepts. Tarantino stated in an interview with Time Out that one genre he’s yet to completely tackle is the niche genre of horror. He also explains that his primary inspiration for a vision of terror would stem from the classic film The Exorcist. The director hints, “…if I had all the time in the world, I would love to make a really, really scary horror film, like The Exorcist. But I don’t know if me taking my sense of humor and putting it in the backseat just to hit a tone of dread from beginning to end is the best use of my talents or my time.”

Tarantino added in the same interview, “I don’t know if I could let go of that humor and be able to make something like The Exorcist and keep that tone of dread all the way through. Although a case could be made that The Hateful Eight is the closest I’ve ever come to a horror film. And more than any other Western, the film that influenced this movie the most is John Carpenter’s The Thing, way beyond just working with the same composer, Ennio Morricone, and star, Kurt Russell. The Thing also hugely influenced Reservoir Dogs, of course.”

Though it remains to be seen if the widely successful director will actually try to take a dip in the horror genre, but I think that seeing him attempt to create an unexpected throwback style film could be something worth watching. What are your thoughts on the matter, would you like to see Quentin Tarantino helming a horror flick before his 10 film goal has been completed?

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