Funimation Announces Theatrical Release For Psycho Pass: The Movie

psycho pass

Funimation has officially announced the theatrical release date for Psycho Pass: The Movie. The film comes from the popular 33 episode anime series that embraces the concept of a futuristic government that strikes fear in the heart of citizens – and even those who enforce the laws. Gen Urobuchi, who wrote the story concepts for the first season, returns as the script writer for the Psycho Pass film, taking place after the first and second seasons (while focusing on Akane Tsunemori and  Shinya Kōgami 4 years after the death of Makishima). The film will be available on over 100 theaters screens across the U.S. and Canada starting March 15th, with advance tickets available on February 18th. 

Gen Fukunaga, founder and CEO of Funimation said in a statement, “We’re excited to bring the climactic story of ‘PSYCHO-PASS: The Movie’ to fans across the U.S. and Canada. The animation style of ‘PSYCHO-PASS: The Movie’ along with its characters, tech and story are meant to be experienced on the big screen.” Mike DuBoise, the EVP and COO of Funimation added, “Fans will truly enjoy this film and its visual homage to a number of live action movies and anime series. Since this is a very limited, two-day theatrical release, we are encouraging fans to purchase tickets in advance so they don’t miss out.”

The official synopsis for the film explains, “In a futuristic Japan, the Sibyl System is charged with keeping the peace. Using extensive surveillance and biological monitoring to gauge the likelihood that individuals will commit a crime, the police are able to use weapons called Dominators to remove potential criminals from the population before they become a problem. Confident with the success of the System within their own borders, the Japanese government has begun to export the technology to other countries, planning to ultimately spread the System across the globe.

When the state of SEAUn brings the Sibyl System in to test its effectiveness, it becomes a haven of peace and safety—for a time. Eventually, terrorists from SEAUn begin appearing in Japan, somehow slipping through the System’s security and attacking from within. Desperate for answers, Inspector Akane Tsunemori is sent overseas to bring the terrorists to justice. But when her investigation forces her into a standoff with an old ally, will she be able to pull the trigger?”

If you enjoy the series that can depict very dark aspects of humanity, you will want to check out the film in theaters next month – especially for another chance to see Kogami! 

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