‘Buffy Season 11’ Announced With Joss Whedon Returning



I come bearing some absolutely fantastic news Buffy fans!

The comic book publishing company Dark Horse Comics has continued from where the series left off in season 7, with the current comic adaptation hitting the tail end of season 10. The season is far past the halfway point, and on Feb. 14th – this season’s spectacular writer Christos Gage tweeted a picture confirming a season 11 with Joss Whedon himself (all hail Joss!) The image was from the season 11 writers summit also including Andrew Chambliss, comic book writer Bob Harris, and editors Sierra Hahn and Freddye Miller. Having Gage, Chambliss, and BTVS mastermind Whedon on board for the 11th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you know the series will continue to depict the tales of television and comic books most compelling characters.

For those of you who aren’t caught up (you need to be) Buffy and Spike are finally trying to find their footing in an adorably legitimate relationship, the rules of magic have completely reset, and the scoobies are hitting a few roadblocks in their friendship dynamics. Season 10 has been considered to be many fans’ favorite comic season so far, and with only seven issues left you know there is still plenty of story to be told for Buffy Summers and company. It’s far too early to speculate about the direction of season 11 (there is enough time to throw some whedon-style curveballs) so here’s hoping everybody can make it out alive, and possibly see another series that features Angel, Fred, Faith, and Nadira. Check out the tweet that made my wish a reality below, and if you want any insight on the second half of season 10 – here’s my interview with Christos Gage from SDCC 2015!

Rejoice Buffy fans, we have even more BTVS to enjoy in the future!

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