Rob Zombie Asks Fans If They Desire A ‘Devil’s Rejects’ Sequel

rob zombie


Rob Zombies most iconic and unstable characters could be returning for a new film in the near future…

If you are a horror fan, there’s a high chance you’ve come across the twisted mind of Rob Zombie and his films that depict the cruel and insane. The 2003 film titled, House of 1,000 Corpses was the first installment to his mysterious brainchild, introducing us to Captain Spaulding, Otis Driftwood, Baby, Gloria, Tiny, and Rufus. The group of insane individuals became known as the “firefly clan” and initially the demented family is shown to collect victims in their terrifying home of bloodshed. After creating a loyal group of fans, Zombie moved forward with a sequel to House of 1,000 Corpses, titled The Devil’s Rejects.

The Devils Rejects took a different approach from the first film, focusing more one three members of the firefly clan – this time being Captain Spaulding, Otis Driftwood and Baby. The film deals with the public reveal of their families crimes as they take to the road to escape, turning into an antihero film and an attempt to serve karmic justice to the mass murderers. Over the course of The Devil’s Rejects, their brutality hits new levels, but the sequel found more success by narrowing in on fewer characters and making it a point to show them leading themselves to their own downfall – or so we thought…Rob Zombie took to Instagram recently, posting the promotional poster from the 2005 sequel, asking fans an all important question. “Just curious would anybody be interested in watching another movie starring these three characters? Enough interest and anything can happen.” Zombie suggested on a post that generated nearly 20,000 likes and 5,000 comments so far.

There’s no denying that Rob Zombie has created some of the most bizarre and unique horror tales in his time as a director, and although I can’t ever root for the firefly clan – I would certainly be interested to see what plans he has for them more than 10 years later. Would you like to see the return of the undoubtedly evil family?


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