Horror Game ‘Araya’ Receives First Chilling Gameplay Trailer


First we had Friday the 13th, then we heard about Dead by Daylight, and now we have another horror game to salivate over for 2016 – Araya. The game is currently set for PC (and virtual reality via Oculus Rift) taking place in an abandoned Thai hospital while hoping to piece together the murder of Araya, and some strange occurrences begin to commence. The game was announced with a teaser trailer (included below) and I highly recommend you take the time to watch it with your speakers cranked up to maximize the necessary horror effect! The Steam website describes the game by explaining: “Araya is a first person adventure/horror game designed for use with Virtual Reality headsets. Explore and interact with the environment to survive the horrors and dangers that will undoubtedly come your way.”

Not much else is known at this point of development, but the integration of horror and virtual reality is the most innovative attempt at creating an authentic horror gaming experience. Sure, Oculus Rift may be nearly $500, so in the mean time online gaming will do – but who wouldn’t want to get the full on scares of Araya in the most realistic way possible! Watch the trailer for Araya below and let us know what you think in the comments!



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