The 100: 03×05, Hakeldama (Review)

the 100


In the episode Hakeldama, Clarke and Lexa participate in a tradition to return the body of the Ice Queen to her people, on a journey to establish peace. While that takes place, Pike and his large group of ignorant followers return from a mission of their own – the death of a grounder army that had become their “allies.” The gruesome scene is discovered by Lexa and Clarke, coming to a field filled with countless corpses of her comrades. Great job Pike, you’re doing a solid job as a leader… The two find an injured Indra, telling them that Pike is responsible for the treachery and she was spared to share that they refuse their role of the 13th clan. Lexa decides on wiping out Arkadia entirely, but Clarke tries her best to mediate and at least find out why the shift in power occurred. At Arkadia, Kane tells Octavia that she’s the best chance at resolve (not understanding the scope of their actions) and finds a way out for the Blake sibling. Pike continues to create plans to massacre villages and grounder factions as if it were no moral dilemma, but Bellamy expresses remorse (a little too late.) Pike manages to manipulate his way of thinking however, and Bellamy quickly falls back to his problematic behavior.

Kane takes an opportunity to remind Bellamy of what they have done, and Bellamy attempts to rationalize his choices – which Lincoln overhears and doesn’t take well to. Right outside the camp, Jaha returns, but his grounder companion is shot on site. Abby finds him and offers her condolences, but Jaha insists “Death isn’t the end.” with an unsettling smile. Somewhere in the woods a man pulling a cart finds Murphy in the middle of a dirt path – and the man begins to try and steal his shoes (a real nice guy.) Emori appears with a knife, and it’s revealed that the two have paired up to scam/steal to maintain their lives. I always enjoy Murphy time, but his new female companion isn’t someone I’d want to stick with. Jaha’s City of Light story time is cut short when Pike asks to speak with the former leader. The conversation commences and Jaha (only Jaha) can hear and see Allie who is also revealing Pike’s emotions. It’s as if he is feeling our peoples perspectives for the next step of a questionable plan.

Octavia finds the site of the grounder army massacre, blown away a by the savage killings that took place. She notices Lexa and Clarke’s presence and explains that a majority of Arkadia backed the decision (putting Clarke in check for her lack of involvement.) Clarke hopes to enter the camp and talk sense into Pike, and the best chance involves Octavia agreeing to sneak her back in. Murphy and Emori reluctantly agree to head to Arkadia to find her brother (who was just shot a few moments earlier.) sparking a possible future reunion for all the former residents of the space-camp. Pike’s reign of misused power continues, moving Lincoln into containment for defending grounders. Jaha tries to take the opportunity to sway his former friends to join his new “state of mind” and Allie tells him Raven (because of her deep pain and importance) is crucial to getting others to follow them. Raven declines his ideas and leaves, solidifying that Jaha will continue to do whatever he deems necessary. Octavia arrives back to Arkadia (sneaking Clarke in) and she is visibly angry with what her brother has chosen to do. He tells her to stop “playing grounder” but she brings Clarke and her brother together, saying she’s officially done getting involved in their mess.

Bellamy is instantly frustrated with Clarke, calling her the “mighty Wanheda who chose grounders over her own people.” Clarke pleads with him that war can’t be something he hopes for, but Bellamy insists they’ve been at war from the moment they landed. He attempts to make it clear that he is finally acting as who he truly is, shedding what his sister and Clarke wanted him to be. When things hit an emotional point for the pair, she apologizes for her departure noting that she knew they had him to look out for their people. Bellamy isn’t as fond of the moment, handcuffing Clarke inside the room and turns her into a prisoner (again!) Jaha finds Raven and offers to “help” her, but Raven doesn’t believe that anyone can fix her anymore (poor Raven isn’t feeling so great) so Jaha offers her a pill that will transform her outlook – and the path to the City of Light.

Octavia surprises a few guards and renders them unconscious, also saving Clarke from Bellamy. With the aid of Abby and Kane, Clarke escapes Arkadia (hardly giving her mom any acknowledgment) so I’m hoping Abby doesn’t happen to die before they actually see each other again. Murphy gets cold feet about returning to Arkadia, so they decide to continue their plans of deception. One person they came across earlier finds Murphy and his people discover the chip-looking-pill from Jaha which intrigues them enough to take him. Miller pretends to have animosity for the imprisoned Lincoln, but offers him something from Abby and confirms that Clarke managed to escape with the help of Octavia. As Clarke returns to Lexa, she states that it’s understandable that they want revenge, but begs for a growth in her leadership to prevent any more carnage. Lexa decides on giving peace a chance, despite Indra’s warnings that others may not agree.

Raven walks through the rain and nearly collapses in pain – finally deciding to take the drug left by Jaha. Within seconds Raven feels herself walking with ease and comes face to face with Allie at the same time who says, “Time to get back to work Raven.”

Overall Grade: 8/10
After Bellamy’s shocking (but also somewhat foreseen) decision, the episode confirmed that he isn’t merely influenced, but he also does have an aggressive and dangerous side to his personality. Lexa has shown so much growth in just 4 episodes that she is quickly turning into one of the most prominent figures in the world of The 100. Octavia’s disapproval of Bellamy is exactly what I love about the young warrior – she isn’t afraid to voice her morality to anyone, including her troubled brother.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-Bellamy is shaping up to be the dark character he was introduced as initially.

-Clarke was faced with some harsh truths in the episode, which made me glad to see others haven’t complete forgotten what she’s done.

-The Octavia VS Bellamy conflict is building and I’m clearly on team Octavia!

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