The 100: 03×06, Bitter Harvest (Review)

the 100


The sixth episode of The 100 expanded on A.L.I.E. and Jaha’s mission, bringing multiple characters into the sense of looming trouble. In the beginning, Lexa is awoken by nightmares of her allies disagreeing with her decision to have a ceasefire – and Clarke does her best to persuade her that what she’s done was the best plan of action. They are interrupted when her comrades bring a gift from the new king of Ice Nation, the bound and bruised Emerson from Mt. Weather. He isn’t too pleased to see his former foe and tries to attack, but is placed in containment by Lexa’s guards. Near Arkadia, a group of Pike’s followers chase down a young grounder in the woods, but Octavia manages to save the young one’s life – telling Kane to figure out Pike’s next plan.

Abby has since discovered Raven’s supposed cure from Jaha and has no option but to give her medical clearance after showing no signs of a disability. Raven’s demeanor has shifted greatly, and she feels ready to take on the world with a new and refreshed attitude… but what’s the catch? Word of Jaha’s magical drug has spread around camp, and now people find themselves lining up to take his “gift” of enlightenment. Abby doesn’t advise people to take it until they know more, but it isn’t stopping many from joining the former leader. Kane patches into Pike’s signal, with Octavia, Monty, and Miller overhearing Pike and Bellamy’s decision to annihilate a neighboring section to raid supplies for their “survival.” Octavia can rightfully be seen growing more resentment towards her brother for involving himself in so much preventable death.

Lexa asks Clarke what she plans on doing with her gift (the last mountain man) and Clarke changes her opinions, now suggesting murder. Lexa quickly acknowledges Clarke’s ridiculous double standards, telling her if she makes that choice she will be banished – and has the night to decide. Team Lexa on this one folks! Octavia and Miller find a brief moment to discuss options, with Octavia explaining Bellamy is a lost cause – and Miller has to try to stop the attack to prevent further retaliation from Lexa’s army. Jaha and A.L.I.E. go to Raven, asking that she gain access to the computer mainframe, and Raven (happy to have her body back to normal) agrees without questioning their motives.

Bellamy begins to load up vehicles with ammunition and Miller arrives too late, also seeing his boyfriend (first appearance!) will be joining them on their irrational mission. Octavia arrives to the village they plan on attacking with the idea of saving them, even though they don’t trust her either. Octavia tells them all of the planned attack, and one warrior strikes her down until the girl she saved earlier speaks up. “You couldn’t have said anything before I got kicked in the face?” Octavia and her one-liners are simply the best! She notices something suspicious from their activities as they set up a trap with a venomous sap – but she is knocked unconscious immediately after.

Kane and Abby catch each other up on the downward spiral of events, and in an unlikely moment, she kisses Kane’s cheek and tells him it’s an act of “hope.” These two are so adorable, so of course my paranoia has me waiting for the other shoe to drop. Jasper stumbles across Raven when she’s working on the mainframe, letting her know about spilling Finn’s ashes. Raven smiles, unphased – and that leads Jasper to ask where he can get some of whatever Raven’s on. She says Jaha found the key, and that they’ve suffered enough so why not accept his help. Clarke meets with Emerson (mountain man) who doesn’t give her much hope when he says he wants cold blooded revenge for murdering his people. Does she risk her guilt over her current pact with Lexa? Don’t be greedy Clarke…

Clarke returns to her room to find Titus (Lexa’s advisor) asking for them to speak in a fairly unusual manner. He points out Clarke’s judgmental flaws and strong bias don’t favor her – leaving her with the statement that they are at an impasse. I’m finding him to be a potential power player, and I am interested in seeing what he does next. Jasper talks with Jaha, finally about to take the “medicine” but Abby stops him and asks to speak with Jaha. She questions what he’s giving to people and asserts herself, to which he claims ceases neurological impulses of pain. She asks for some to study, suggesting he wouldn’t give it to Wells without studying it. Jaha questions the name, having forgotten his own son in one of the creepiest moments of the episode. A.L.I.E. speaks to him as a reminder, but Abby has heard enough to stop him from giving it to anyone else.

Bellamy and company arrive during nightfall to massacre the village and Octavia uses the distraction to break free and escape the grounders. Not trusting anyone, Octavia yells to the others to warn her friends that they are ready for battle, and while retreating, the village is lit with flaming arrows to ignite the poisonous smoke. Monroe takes her final breath after sever smoke inhalation, and Bellamy seems resentful at another friends death. (Still avoidable Bellamy.) The meeting regarding the fate of Emerson begins with a crowd gathered, so Lexa kicks it off with the offering of a knife and vengeance for Clarke. She has decided to pass on killing him, enforcing the action they both agreed on. Lexa speaks out by telling them all they can stop their carnage, and banishes Emerson from their land. He never breaks eye contact with Clarke, and you can feel that he will still do what it takes to bring her pain.

Pike and Bellamy discuss the issues Octavia has caused, and they both come to the conclusion that they already know who is feeding her information. (Careful, Kane!) We see that Murphy is tied to a chair, (by Titus) and he asks for information on the pill from Jaha that he had on him. Meanwhile, Raven, Jaha and A.L.I.E. do not discover the code that they needed on any of the 12 stations from the ark (seeking an upgraded version of A.L.I.E.) Jaha corrects them saying there were 12, but meant to be 13 that didn’t have any further public data. Jaha knows nothing more about it other than a name – Polaris. The last scene cuts to Titus whipping Murphy and a peripheral shot of a pod in the same room, with “Polaris” faintly spelled across the surface – now labeled “Polis” the Capitol of the coalition. This presents a ton of new questions, and leads to a grander scheme that keeps getting increasingly interesting. At least know we know what they are seeking will guarantee crossing paths with Clarke and Lexa… Till next week, The 100 fans!

Overall Grade: 9/10
The episode brought multiple characters into the major plot (like Raven and Murphy) with everyone feeling like they have a purpose. The suspense around A.L.I.E. continues to build and I enjoy the eerie A.I. involvement. Octavia is struggling to trust any side when she realizes neither side accept her, despite her goal of peace. Jaha isn’t a character I like, but his new state of mind (like forgetting his son) does make him a mysteriously intriguing character.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-Abby and Kane need to take a horse and run away together before it’s too late!

-Murphy has some really bad luck and timing.

-Hopefully Raven begins to question A.L.I.E. and Jaha, but she’s certainly blinded by the “cure.”

-Bellamy is still a major jerk. If he doesn’t stop killing soon, I predict someone will get their own payback.

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