The 100: 03×07, Thirteen (Review)

the 100

cw – nerdist

The 100 season 3 is progressing quickly, and this episode brought one of the most emotional loses of the entire series in addition to shinning a light on crucial history. Beware of spoilers below folks, this is going to be a heavy one…

In Polis, Titus continues to hold an Imprisoned Murphy captive, seeking answers on the drug from Jaha with a “sacred symbol.” Murphy tells him that Jaha stated if he took it the woman in red would take him to the City of Light, but Murphy being smart – never actually took it. The next scene shows us the origin of this symbol, with a flashback of a lab in space and the person A.L.I.E. received her image from. We then realize this moment is the catalyst of events that sparked nuclear war, and A.L.I.E. was responsible for the initial launch, hacking their mainframe. As people present in the facility try to say their emotional goodbyes to loved ones, we see a shot of the warfare from space annihilating Earth’s population. This is the first time we’ve actually seen the act that set up the premise for the series, and the reveal was an impactful one most definitely.

At Polis, a grounder brings Octavia (bound and a prisoner) insisting she and her people receive punishment. Others chant for blood, and Clarke looks on worried for the fate of her on-and-off friend. In private, a heated Titus asserts his dominance and insists that her peaceful approach isn’t going to maintain itself much longer. Despite his fears, Lexa opts to block Skaikru into their current camp and attempt peace once again. Her people begin to become filled with rage, and this is a strong indicator of bad things to come.

After having basically the worst luck, Murphy escapes his shackles and arms himself – before realizing the connection between Polis and Polaris. We return to the past and see Becca (the creator and doppelgänger of A.L.I.E.) has injected herself with a black substance to hold the A.L.I.E. II AI (like what Lexa calls the night blood) and faces animosity from her comrades for continuing to work on the AI development after it caused the end of the world. She claims that while the first A.L.I.E. Couldn’t understand humanity, this updated version will truly grasp the concept. In a last ditch effort to save her research, she overrides the station to keep them out of her lab – leaving us unsure of what she could do next.

Octavia tells Clarke that she’s so blinded by Lexa and her own needs that she has forgotten about her people (true) but Clarke insists she’s doing what needs to be done, or will at least try. Titus requests time alone with Lexa, and he tells her that her love for Clarke will result in her own death. His certainty is worrisome, but she chooses Clarke and insists he leave things alone. Octavia finds a recovering Indra and pleas that she revert to the warrior spirit she once was, and attain revenge for what was done to her. It’s nice to still see the specific connection between Indra and Octavia, even though it’s not a constant with everything that’s happened.

By the time Titus returns to the basement where Murphy is kept, he is attacked by Murphy (unsuccessfully) so he offers information on Polaris instead. Murphy proves that their beliefs of faith actually stem from what occurred to cause their space station – nuclear war caused by a woman. Good eye Murphy! Now as we return to the backstory of Becca and Polaris, the other stations threaten to blow up the 13th and she exits with her program in an escape pod, leaving the rest to be made an example out of. I’m very fascinated by Becca and her motivations, So I’m very happy they decided to make her an important character storyline this season.

Clarke makes the decision to return to Arkadia with her people, seeking out Lexa for a last goodbye. She tells her she understands her choice, but shows how hurt she is at the thought of losing the one she loves. The emotions take over, and they finally share a kiss with tear-filled eyes – leading to something a little more passionate (a Clexa first.) After sleeping together, Clarke asks about Lexa’s tattoos that represent the “nightblida” and the conclaves (one of which isn’t divulged.) When Clarke prepares to leave she comes across Titus with a gun, and a tied up Murphy. He hopes to kill her for Lexa’s benefit, and Clarke fights with him until Lexa enters to be accidentally shot with a stray bullet in the blink of an eye. She drops to the ground in a heartbreaking moment, and Clarke does her best to stop the thick black blood seeping from her chest. Nearing her demise, she tells Titus to never harm Clarke and he gives her his word. Lexa tells Clarke that her spirit will truly live on and that she can follow the next commander – but Clarke tells her she only desires Lexa’s presence. Way to make me more emotional…

“My fight is over.” Lexa tells the woman she loves, adding “you were right. Life is about more than surviving.” Clarke struggles to recite the grounder send off, finally saying “may we meet again” and gives her a final kiss before taking her last breath. This is by far the most devastating death so far, and even though I knew it was coming, it still has a major impact. When doing the final ritual to ensure her spirit is passed on, Titus turns her body over and a “sacred symbol” tattoo is revealed to be on the back of Lexa’s neck – leading us to our final flashback of Becca landing in a desolate earth with stitches in the same place. We return to Titus using a blade to slice the symbol open on her neck, and a small chip like device with a black stringy attachment that Murphy explains is the A.I. (That Becca placed in her own body) and Titus claims it’s actually the “spirit of the commander.” Now that we know more about A.L.I.E II and its bond with a human vessel, we’ll find out just what that means for the few who can withstand it’s needs very soon. I don’t know about you but I’m still comprehending such a massively important episode of The 100, and one of the best episodes so far!

Overall Grade: 9.5/10
This episode provided necessary plot details at every moment possible, elaborating on the history of the world we’ve come to know. Seeing the flashback sequences with Becca gave a better insight, and made for a richer backstory with impressive writing from beginning to end. The relationship between Lexa and Clarke came to a head in the most emotional way possible, and will be regarded as a memorable TV death for a long time. With strong performances, writing, and directorial work this is another must-see episode that will require emotional preparation to cope.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-We now know that Becca passed on her treatments, being the reason for the genetically altered nightbloods. It also can be understood that this new A.L.I.E. requires a human body to thrive, but doesn’t shape their personality.

-Lexa’s final bow provided her with a proper yet sorrowful send off. The commander will be missed!

-Becca clearly has more involvement with whatever went on between the grounders and the space stations downfall – so be sure to watch for details in coming weeks.

-Things could go either way with the next commander, so the next few episodes should give us a better idea of what’s next for the 12 clans.


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