The 100: 03×08, Terms And Conditions (Review)

the 100

Last week, The 100 delivered an informative powerhouse episode and the loss of our beloved Lexa, leading to an upcoming  shift in power. This episode has us return to Arkadia, and Pike’s team begins to realize they are facing an army of grounders surrounding their camp. Two grounder messengers arrive to inform the group they are seeking Pike to avoid further conflict and subtly threaten them. Despite Pike’s request to retreat, an enraged Bellamy shoots them on the spot for killing a patrol group from Arkadia and adds to the brewing trouble. Pike holds a meeting of his trusted allies and insists that Kane and the others are kept under surveillance to avoid an information leak. Little does the madman know, Kane, Miller and Harper are doing some surveillance of their own by patching into a radio signal he can be heard on.

Jaha and Raven try to find out information regarding the 13th station and ALIE 2.0, but determine that they need a little more help to get what’s needed – cue glances at an aggressive and misled Jasper. Raven baits him with the City of Light and asks him to be a distraction while Raven extracts something from a confidential area. Jasper doesn’t require much convincing, and the two soon develop a solid/dangerous plan. Kane and Pike both have a one-on-one, where they continue to be opposite leaders with no shot at reaching an agreement on conflict resolution. Later, Pike shares his plan with Bellamy (once again overheard by the others) and he intended on using a rover to annihilate as many grounders as possible – so Kane begins his own plan to disable it before it makes tensions even worse.

Sinclair agrees to help Kane, pretending to do a routine maintenance on the rover and unfortunately, Bellamy spots the suspicious behavior so he has Sinclair arrested on spot for treason. That’s a real Bellamy thing to do isn’t it… Raven speaks with Jasper to attain his facility password, with ALIE determining the sequence through her knowledge of his personality. It’s very clear that this AI has the capability to do many things, and none of them are good for humanity (that we know of.) When Sinclair is locked up, he tells Lincoln that tonight’s the night to make their move, setting up for a clash between Kane and Pike’s sides.

Miller and his boyfriend Bryan cross paths with an awkward moment – seeing as how they are in opposition of belief systems. They both are open about their differences, but neither are willing to budge so it’s an unfortunate conflict brewing between the two (who hopefully get more sceentime!) In an effort to bridge the gap between them they leave off with a kiss to try and return to something outside of war and politics. Jasper begins to ask Raven if the drug connected to ALIE makes her only think of happier moments like his first life changing kiss with Maya. Raven stops to think about Finn after his name is mentioned in comparison, and she panics at the realization she can hardly remember him. Jasper finds what they need, but Raven isn’t so interested in helping after ALIE states her old memories about sadness “doesn’t matter now.” Raven makes the first important act of rebellion against ALIE and tells Jasper they can’t do anything to aid the dangerous AI.

Pike and armed guards find Kane giving him an “opportunity” to surrender, meanwhile Sinclair says he’s ready to give information – providing an opportunity to have the cell opened. Lincoln and Sinclair create a fake fight to threaten them getting what they need, so when they enter the other side makes their escape. During the fight between both factions, Kane tases Pike and loads him into a vehicle. Monty informs Bellamy that Kane is en route to trade Pike, so he blocks the gate with a gun in hand. Kane stops his vehicle, sparing Bellamy and ending their quest to do what’s right. Pike is questioned by Kane before deciding on his punishment and he begs for them to alter their unruly ways. Kane denies his plea and sentences Kane to death, with Bellamy noticeably flustered by his decision. “Crimes against leadership can’t be tolerated.” A stern Pike explains to Bellamy. He adds that Kane’s death with show where true loyalty lies – dismissing Bellamy. Monty’s (wicked and cruel) mother asks Bellamy and Monty if they know if anyone aiding Kane, and for the first time they decide to say nothing (covering for Harper and Miller.) It seems like Bellamy has come around to stopping Pike, but his actions may just be a little too late.

Overall Grade: 8.6/10

Returning to Arkadia for an episode was a great shift in plot after the dramatic episode in Polis. This gave us a chance to get a greater understanding of where people stood, and provided a few smaller characters with room for an essential introduction. Kane continues to be a leader that Arkadia needs, so I hope he manages to avoid death to help maintain the survival of those sane individuals who side with him. For a halfway point of the season, this episode carries its tradition of intensity and fast paced narrative rather effectively – another solid episode from The 100!

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-Miller and Bryan were given a scene to establish their rare and complex differences; I look forward to their growth in the second half of the season.

-It has become clear that this “City of Light” state of mind eliminates memories of pain/grief which explains the euphoric individuals who take the drug.

-The lack of Abby was felt this episode, come back soon please?

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