The Russo Brothers Express Interest In A ‘Young Avengers’ Film

young avengers

The cast and crew of the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War participated in a recent Q&A with Buzzfeed and answered a question we should all be wondering – where’s our Young Avengers movie?

One fan asked the Russo brothers (who are also directing the next two Avengers films) if they would be interested in adapting the popular young-superhero team the Young Avengers and noted that the character Miss America would have some spectacular battles. Joe Russo responded by saying, “Damn. That’s actually a really good idea… And you’re right [America Chavez] would kick ass!” If enough fans share their desire for a film adaptation, Marvel would be smart to capitalize on the demand for something different than their current slate.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the team, the Young Avengers are made up of Wiccan, Hulking, Kate Bishop, Noh-Varr, Miss America, Prodigy and Speed. The heroes are some of Marvel’s hidden gem characters that in my honest opinion trump the Avengers lineup – yet unfortunately, the comic book series hasn’t been around for a few years now. If we were given the opportunity to see the compelling and unique relationship between Wiccan and Hulking, the superpowered dimensional traveler Miss America or even the misguided Kid Loki, the film would have plenty of characters to spawn success. Surely there are numerous actors who would be willing to portray the fan favorite characters, and even Jack Falahee has expressed an interest in playing the role of Wiccan – so let’s make this a reality soon Marvel!

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