The 100: 03×11, Nevermore


After last week’s dramatic conclusion Clarke and Jasper manage to escape the ALIE influenced followers with Raven, who was a host for the AI. They make it to a secret location where Octavia, Bellamy and others have managed to find a temporary safe haven (Octavia isn’t buying Bellamy’s attempt at redemption) when ALIE uses her human host to see that Clarke obtained the upgrade ALIE is seeking. Luckily for them, she doesn’t have enough information to determine her whereabouts – but it takes nearly everyone to subdue a rabid Raven, seeing their friend like they never have before. Clarke discovers a familiar face who she is certain has one of the bracelets from the Ark, hoping to use it and remove ALIE from Raven through emp (electromagnetic pulse.) In order to make their next required move, Monty and Octavia decide to take a rover to the dropship for an electromagnet to test the mechanic’s theory.

ALIE influences Raven to bite into her own arm wounds, shifting into the AI to inform them she will give up Raven when Clarke hands over the technology. Clarke states that if she has any desire to receive anything, Raven’s safety is key – cue a more calm, yet still possessed Raven Reyes. Raven has a moment alone with Clarke and blames her for the death of her father, grounders, Mt. Weather and their own, before biting “wanheda.” Raven has a realization that they will be returning to the dropship for the electromagnet so ALIE makes it known that Monty and Octavia will be met by a welcoming party to stop their goal from being reached. At that moment, the pair arrive to the dropship slightly before the others, so Monty takes the time to insist that Octavia stays with them when everything is settled – telling her she’s one of The 100 which isn’t Skaikru or Trikru.

Clarke takes a step back from the Raven situation, with Bellamy offering to take guard and deal with the verbal lashings for the time being. Jasper overhears and asks her if she is having a hard time facing the truth to which she apologizes for the first time and says she never wanted to hurt (or kill) Maya to begin with. She informs him that she wanted to save their people but he isn’t open to providing Clarke with forgiveness just yet. When exploring the dropship area, Monty finds his mother who has become a follower of ALIE and she proceeds to attack him under ALIE’s command. Octavia locates the pair, saving and almost killing her but ends up under his mother with her own blade to her throat. Monty begs her to leave Octavia alone, but is forced to shoot his mother on the spot, killing her with no other options in the moment.

A visibly upset Sinclair expresses his anxiety about losing Raven, someone who he views as a daughter, but Clarke does her best to provide hope that they will be able to reverse this without changing or altering her brain. ALIE tells Raven that Monty and Octavia are returning soon, so she begins to push their buttons by telling Jasper he’s viewed as a pitiful junky until he has to remove himself from her presence. The next move is going after Bellamy – beginning to bring up the death he has brought that involves Niylah, who storms in as a result. Once Raven/ALIE are aware, they realize their location is now revealed to the AI with a dangerous cult at her fingertips. Once the others return to the base with what they needed, ALIE acknowledges that there idea will work – so Raven begins to attempt to bash her own head in. They successfully conduct the theory Raven had which renders her unconscious and worries her friends who had hoped to save her.

While they all are concerned, Jasper swipes the AI off of Clarke and almost smashes it until she cries out that Lexa is a part of it. She has a realization that she witnessed the removal of one before so Clarke makes an incision in the back of her neck to release the fluid substance that works in partnership with the cognitive takeover. Raven regains consciousness and the celebration is short and sweet, given ALIE knows where they are. The group is now ALIE free which means they can now make an escape and determine their next step, wherever it may take them. Clarke asks Raven if she knows why the AI would’ve wanted her dead, which Raven explains is because she’s the first one to know that the 2.0 version is the only way to stop her. In the final scene we see a flash of the City of Light, with ALIE telling Jaha that they must all be killed to preserve her existence.

Overall Grade: 9/10

The episode was a great example of the impressive range that Lindsey Morgan embodies as Raven. She transitioned her character and emotions so frequently with ease, making the actress the MVP of this particular episode. Octavia is a strong presence as a character with such unique circumstances, so seeing Raven and Octavia at each others side is the ultimate dream team combination. What most worked was that this episode embraced the sci-fi and horror elements viewers can truly enjoy in the midst of the chaos. I continue to appreciate the ALIE threat that is explored with every passing episode and I expect it to come to a massive conflict by the end of the season.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

  • Raven was the character who was given a chance to make others face their skeletons, something that was fascinating to watch – and needed to happen.
  • ALIE is no joke, anyone who crosses her followers will be required to do things they may not be prepared for
  • Monty having to kill his own mother was something that you could feel was coming, but it still was a gruelling choice for him to make.
  • Lindsey Morgan was given a great opportunity to utilize her great acting abilities in this episode and will play a large part of the remaining episodes.  

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