The 100: 03×12, “Demons” (Review/Recap)


On last week’s episode of The 100, we saw the first steps of progress towards overthrowing ALIE’s influence and the stakes seem to increase with the AI hoping to annihilate all signs of life in opposition of her. The 12th episode titled “Demons” begins with the small band of likable Arkadia residents Miller, Harper and Brian on the outskirts hidden in a cave sharing stories of eerie urban legends. When Miller lets out an unsettling gasp, Brian additionally disappears to find his boyfriend, leaving Harper to be attacked by a masked figure. In Polis, Murphy has managed to get by surviving (as always) running into Emori and just enough time to share his general whereabouts while tied to the new Heda Ontari. The crew consisting of Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy, Monty, Jasper and Raven compare notes with the discovery that the remaining Natblida Luna is the best shot at stopping ALIE 2.0.

When they arrive to Arkadia there are virtually no signs of life, concerning the small group of non-brainwashed individuals. They collectively decide that they will gather what they need and escape the former safe haven, but Raven suggests ALIE’s followers have moved on to conquer the AI’s other missions. With things in constant motion for the characters in The 100, Octavia takes a moment to actually react to the loss of her love – heartbroken in the midst of his only belongings. Unfortunately for her, a grounder has to bring things back to the life and death perspective when attacking Jasper and choking Octavia soon after. Back in Polis, Murphy secretly meets with Emori in room of the flamekeeper marked with the tales of Becca. She seems moved by the paintings but it isn’t discussed any further, on account of their spontaneous act of passion that they were both focused on.

Raven attempts to crack the code for the AI chip, trying to come up with any phrase or word that could have been used as a command. Ultimately Sinclair is able to utilize the latin book from Becca, now knowing what needs to be done to equip the AI to Luna when/if they find her. Monty and Clarke find themselves together in a darkened hallway of the camp when a spooky version of rockabye baby slowly fades out from a windup carousel. Monty is smart enough to determine this isn’t an ideal situation to be in – and a smoke bomb is thrown in to take them out. Clarke struggles to fight back and rips off the mask of the fake grounder who is actually a vengeful Emerson (the last survivor of Mt. Weather.) Clarke locates Bellamy and they both go back in to stop him, but they discover that everyone else is missing other than Raven and Sinclair. He goes into lockdown mode and the lights are cut leaving Raven and Sinclair incapable of seeing their attacker. By the time Raven opens the door to the outside, Sinclair is seen bloodied and quickly approaching death. Raven (who was in a momentary safe place) leaves the Rover to be with him in his final moments – an emotional scene between two people with a genuine familial connection until Raven is also attacked.

Clarke and Bellamy find Sinclair’s body but no Raven, meaning he has taken their remaining friends captive. In an attempt to find more information she establishes connection with him via radio and finds out they are tied up in the airlock. Clarke offers herself in place of them so he agrees to accept her idea so she can yet again face him after their conflicted relationship for two seasons.

Murphy explains the current situation and circumstances surrounding him to Emori,  and the legitimacy of their beliefs which provides her with a lot of insight on information everyone isn’t quite privy to. When Murphy later arrives to the throne room, Jaha makes his presence known and shares the knowledge he has gathered from Emori (bummer Murphy, better luck next time.) Jaha convinces Ontari he can aid her quest for power, convincing her to imprison Murphy and potentially take the chip that will unite her with ALIE.

Clarke makes her way to the airlock and to show his animosity, Emerson injures Octavia at knifepoint to persuading a hidden Bellamy to join them all as well. The Blake sibling offers himself and is tied up with the others – but Emerson leaves them locked inside and begins the process that will soon drain them of oxygen. He keeps Clarke at a distance to watch the death of her friends, but after a scuffle she succeeds in placing the AI chip inside him, ultimately causing him to bleed out from his eyes and neck for not having the specified blood infusion. Clarke makes her way to the lock system, opens the airlock, and the others just barely escape death by oxygen deprivation. Later into the evening Bellamy tries to provide Octavia with a chance to grieve over Lincoln after their separation – so he returns Lincoln’s body to her to receive a proper grounder send off. Octavia weeps over the man she loved unlike anyone else and they begin the ceremony of fire for Sinclair/Lincoln. Octavia is quick to suggest they leave, not wanting to focus on the hole in her heart anymore so they pack up what is needed to find Luna. Raven admits that since she is no longer invincible and dealing with her ailments, she’ll stay behind with Harper, Monty, Miller and Brian to keep Arkadia their own. With only a handful of episodes left, these separate factions are going to be hitting a rough(er) patch to stop whatever the world-ending AI is plotting.

Overall Grade: 8.5/10

There were plenty of moments that gave characters opportunities to address their “demons” with Octavia’s grief being the strongest focal point of the story. It did feel like perhaps this was an attempt to repair the friendship between Clarke and company, but time will tell if they can become a completely cohesive unit. The horror/suspense elements were a nice addition to the science fiction drama and this was probably the last remaining episode that won’t be entirely connected to the major plot of season 3.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-No preview was shown for next week which could just be a coincidence… or is it a sign of a major mysterious battle between The 100 and ALIE.

-It’s good to see some of The original 100 group together again – and I’ve enjoyed the addition of Brian, Miller and Harper.

-I stand by my suggestion that Becca could have a spinoff series of her own.

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