Scream Season 2 Delivers A Strong Premiere (Spoiler Free Review)


Scream is back – and the wait was definitely worth it.

The horror series returns to MTV on May 30 with the season 2 premiere and PopWrapped had the opportunity to see the episode that jump starts a season of mystery and horror. This review won’t contain any spoilers from the upcoming episode, so don’t worry about your experience being ruined horror buffs!

Last season, we discovered that the primary murderer behind the Lakewood killings was Piper Shaw, the half sister of the series protagonist Emma Duvall. The season ended on a surprisingly optimistic note with the central remaining question being, who was Piper’s partner? The cliffhanger also suggested that Audrey could in fact be connected to the murders – and you can bet that the series is prepared to explore what that connection could be. The episode is definitely character driven, providing us with a look at how life has been for the survivors known as the “Lakewood 6” post Piper. Emma makes a comeback to her hometown, previously finding herself in need of recuperating due to a major sense of anguish from the turmoil of her life.

The Lakewood 6 have developed a strong bond after going through everything they have survived, but just as the teaser trailers indicated – trust doesn’t come easy. Having them become a mostly cohesive unit is a necessary function to the series, but in a very realistic way, being subjected to something so horrific can create blockades emotionally. The interpersonal relationships are a major focal point for the starting point for season 2 and continues the series tradition to make us feel something for the characters (whether it’s intrigue, likability, or even a distaste.) Each of the survivors receive enough screentime to give us a peek at how they’ve developed but it certainly feels like we are just scratching the surface for a broader season.

For those of you who seriously appreciate the sleuthing of a murder mystery, you are sure to enjoy the direction the series is headed. It was apparent that this season will address the accomplice potential, yet adds additional clues to other shrouded storylines around the murders. Some are very willing to move past what they’ve been through (avoidant) and others are more open to rehashing the events as something that they acknowledge changed their lives. This is very clear through the reveal that since the events of season 1 (three months prior,) they are locally famous and face both good and bad perspectives from their peers. With so many people knowing who was involved, it makes the mysteries harder to solve while reeling from post traumatic stress.

It wouldn’t be Scream without horror and the episode didn’t go by without heartbreak. The second season takes a dark turn before the episode ends, making it evident that no matter how many genre avenues the series explores, it’s still primarily a horror series at the core. The killer is highly motivated to make life more than difficult for the Lakewood 6, so it will be a high-stakes sophomore season. There are a few new residents that the series introduces, adding new characters to expand on the potential victims/survivors (most notably Kiana Ledé and Santiago Segura.) In the end, the premiere of Scream’s second season was a strong reintroduction to the town labeled “Murderville” with plenty of new twists and turns to keep viewers on edge. Keep up with PopWrapped for more exclusive Scream coverage as the season progresses – and a full recap/review of the premiere when it airs on May 30th!

Overall Grade: 9/10

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-There was a nice inclusion of character development with enough additions to make the season more twisted than the first.

– I can’t hide the fact that there is something that occurs which is completely devastating, so I feel like it means all bets are off for season 2.

-I like the small time leap, but I can also confirm that the survivors did not make it out unscathed.

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