Official ‘Scream’ Season 2 Trailer Hints At More Death And New Horrors



Scream has solidified itself as the best slasher series on television, and we’ll soon return to Lakewood for a glimpse at the lives of our favorite characters/survivors.

MTV has released a few promotional videos to hype up the second season of Scream, but we have finally been given a chance to see some of what’s to come — and here’s a hint: it’s a lot of death. Season 2 of Scream takes place three months after the events of the first season with Emma returning to her hometown to be welcomed by the group of friends who became close-knit after luckily making it out alive. We see that life continues for the teens, with Jake and Brooke finally recognizing their adorable compatibility and a few new faces to add to the fray. Of course, nothing in Scream is quite so simplistic — showcasing Audrey targeted by a new murderer (who also accuses her of being Piper’s partner). Emma is dealing with flashbacks or possibly repressed memories, also including a mention of Troy James (we asked the former showrunners about this potential direction at SDCC 2015).

Situations begin to create concern for a few of the fan-favorite characters in the second season, showing Jake in very dire circumstances with a voiceover of his cries for help. Conversely, Brooke is shown drenched in blood while letting out a scream but is later shown to be clearly traumatized by whatever events are in motion. I can’t fathom the idea of losing either strong characters, but something tells me we should be prepared for devastation. Kieran isn’t as present in the trailer — causing me to wonder if there will be a larger role for the mysteriously lovable boyfriend of Emma. The killer looks to up the ante from Season 1 by previewing multiple deaths that could lead to a graphic and gut-wrenching loss for a central figure. If anything, I’m only getting more excited for Scream’s season premiere on Monday May 30th, so catch up on Season 1 via MTV and watch the new glorious trailer below!

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