Scream: 02×09, The Orphanage (Review/Recap)


With the episodes of season 2 getting down to the wire, we get closer to unmasking the killer of MTV’s Scream – but before we make anymore guesses, let’s begin with Emma. The episode starts out with Emma in a dream-state, stabbing her friends to death showing no remorse. By the time her mother wakes her up, Emma realizes she is standing in the kitchen clutching a blade and her sanity. In the morning, Emma explains what happened to Kieran who admits if he was able to sleep after the twisted carnival, he probably would have gone through the same thing. Even though skipping school seems plausible, Emma is ready to face Noah for answers but wants to give Audrey the cold (or frigid) shoulder after discovering her role with Piper. Stavo and Brooke wake up together (Brooke wanted the company) and they begin to kiss – but Brooke expresses that she can’t participate in any of this until she knows what happened to Jake. She asks him to leave before her father finds him and just as Stavo begins to get dressed, he lurks through her belongings and pockets a lipstick of Brooke’s – a very serial killer like memento keepsake.

Emma explains the Audrey bombshell to Brooke, so the two plus Kieran confront Noah for hiding the truth regardless of how long he had known. At the same time, Audrey enters the group and is shunned by them, but she follows Emma to explain. The animosity is laid on thick when Emma tells her she deserves to be blamed and shoves her into a locker for all to see. Kieran suggests they leave school for today, so Emma opens her locker and finds a cassette tape, lock of hair, and a message in lipstick that says “play me.” In an empty classroom, Audrey commences a meltdown with frustration towards Noah for recording in the first place – and she pushes the notion that Zoe is the real killer. Noah strongly disagrees and promises to prove it to her later in the day.

Emma and Kieran listen to the recording, a tape of Ms. Lang’s that proves she believes Emma is unstable and targeting her. She asks if that’s how people view her but Kieran remains on her side with everything she’s gone through. Audrey and Zoe both arrive to Noah’s where Audrey makes it known that she doesn’t trust Zoe – especially after finding out she sent the audio file to herself. Zoe claims that she didn’t send the file to anyone, with Audrey not so certain. Noah takes Zoe’s side, believing her claims which creates a divide between the two. At the Sheriff’s station, Maggie finds sheriff Acosta worrying about what his son is capable of. He begins to tell a story about Stavo’s best friend getting shot in the face (accidentally) and by the time Miguel arrived Stavo was drawing the scene as if nothing happened.

Kieran and Emma decide to check on Ms. Lang, but by the time they get there she is terrified at the slight sight of Emma which gets her heart racing uncontrollably and they determine maybe they should back off (she really thinks it’s Emma doesn’t she…) While waiting outside the hospital room, they notice a delivery of daisies for Ms. Lang, so Kieran swipes the card that says “from Piper.” Kieran takes keys from her bedside and their quest for more information continues. At the sheriff’s station, Stavo finds the file on Jake to show Brooke – with confirmation that her father was having Jake do his dirty work. Stavo also finds a file on himself with plenty of suspicious evidence his father collected and he leaves in a hurry. As Noah finds the origin of the email Emma recieved, it turns out it is from Zoe’s computer but he chooses to believe the girl he cares about – setting Audrey off and she leaves to fix things with Emma.

Noah and Zoe finally have their “moment” which leads to the dynamic duo of bi-curious and the virgin to need a new name. When Kieran and Emma break into Ms. Lang’s home, they discover that Piper and Lang both lived in the same orphanage – a creepy connection that shows where her obsession stems from. While Zoe and Noah lie together, Noah realizes that the camera from the storage unit has been how the killer knows everything, so he breaks it as quickly as possible if it isn’t too late already. Emma and Kieran call Noah to connect the dots about the orphanage and he agrees to meet them there for answers as long as Zoe comes with him. Stavo goes back to Brooke’s with the information about Jake so she confronts her father completely and utterly distraught by more of the lies he spews. “He’d still be alive if it wasn’t for you. You drove my mom away, you killed my boyfriend, what kind of father are you?” Brooke says at another low point.

Audrey attempts to write a letter to Emma (unsuccessfully) but that changes when the killer calls her to invite her to a mask party that has Emma and Audrey’s names as the hosts. What makes it more complicated is that the party’s being held the place they were already headed – the orphanage. Noah, Emma, Kieran and Zoe arrive while Audrey makes her way there because the killer insinuates that the former virgin is his next target. Zoe and Noah take on the role of shutting down the party by taking out music and lights, but Emma asks Haley what’s going on. Haley admits that she is behind this to help a “friend” who is someone she’s dating (we’ve seen her on the phone with this person during the lockdown.) Haley disappears in the crowd but Emma notices Audrey so they can’t help but pair up despite the trouble between them.

Haley is seen with her boyfriend/girlfriend and she says it all worked like the mystery person wanted, and she begins to act like she’s going to go down on the murderer (well damn.) Things take a turn as he/she pulls out a knife and stabs Haley repeatedly while the music blares elsewhere so her screams aren’t heard. Noah and Zoe finally find the way to shut the power off, but now everyone is separated and unsure of where the others are. Emma and Audrey find a room set up by the killer, with Piper’s decomposing corpse placed in a chair and proving that this person wants some revenge. Afterwards, the police show up and Emma says they need to find Haley because she actually knows the identity of the killer. Stavo meets up with Brooke at her “special place” hotel room to escape everyone, and the suspense of them being together has me slightly nervous for her safety even though he’s a likely red herring. In the final moments of the episode the sheriff enters the abandoned building and finds his lead (Haley) strung up and bleeding out – leaving us so close to figuring it out, just not quite there.

Overall Grade: 8/10

This episode amped up mysteries of Scream, leading me to wonder more and more who could be donning the mask. The Haley connection is surely a major one, with subtleties throughout the season that could have me re-watching the season to help narrow down my list of suspects. The Piper connection with Lang was another smart direction that will be an interesting exploration by the time the reveal takes place. As Scream is getting closer to concluding season 2, my paranoia and addiction to the show only grows more and more.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

  • My main suspect from the beginning still remains: Kieran could easily be wielding the knife after unfinished plotlines from season 1 and even more suspicious behavior in season 2. As far as the new cast, Zoe seems like she has more killer potential than the others despite Stavo’s eerie ways.
  • I’m really enjoying all the surprise connections that Scream uses, which shows that nothing happens for no reason in the murder mystery.
  • We need a Scream season 3 MTV! Don’t let the devoted Scream Team down!

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