American Horror Story Roanoke: 06×05, Chapter 5 (Recap/Review)

american horror story

American Horror Story is quickly approaching the sixth episode which has been promised as a game changer, and with the help of a few small Easter eggs it looks like that’s exactly what we’ll be getting. While the first four episodes included nods to former seasons, the fifth episode connected to season five with a hotel, rich and twisted man building a house and even a scene of someone crawling through a mattress to remind us of AHS Hotel. Does this mean by episode six we will fully understand the concept and connection? I think so. Before we continue down the mysteries of AHS lets go back a bit to better understand “Chapter 5” shall we?

We are introduced to a real-life historian in the docu-series who shares her insight on the history of the home – actually built by Edward Mott (yes, ancestor of Freakshows resident psychopath Dandy Mott.) To top it off, he’s played by AHS staple and fan-favorite Evan Peters (now fans can stop harassing the cast and crew for answers.) Mott is an art collector with a serious devotion, also having a hidden love for one of his male servants who comes second to his collection of rare art. After only two nights of being inside the house things take a turn and the spirits demolish his items, sending him on a warpath and locking up all of his servants with the exception of his partner, who flees the scene in disgust. Unfortunately for Mott, he soon joins the spirits when he’s impaled by the colonial entities on the land – making the death toll significantly higher.

Back in the present day issues, Matt and Shelby try to figure out their next move which heavily involved running from the house, but that’s halted as a spirit from a family who resided there tries to take Flora. This was a shout-out to movies like “The Grudge” as she pulled her away on all fours and successfully creeped me out entirely. As the other spirits appeared, Edward Mott surfaced and insisted he wasn’t too keen on the butcher and her followers so he led them through and underground path leading them to the woods – again. The show included a fun moment where the torch he held flickered, giving Mott a skeleton appearance, but they didn’t have time to admire it given the fact that they are next taken by a family of backwoods cannibals.

The cannibals were the relatives of the children they turned in (chanting Croatoan) but this time in addition to Chaz Bono and the others we meet Momma, the matriarch of the meat loving locals (did I mention they chowed down on the author who tried to help Matt and Shelby?) Frances Conroy returned to AHS as “momma” and even though she’s playing a character with more than a few morality issues, it’s glorious to have the AHS alum back for more. In the meantime, Lee can’t be found guilty for the murder of her former husband and is released just in time to head back during the mayhem while the hillbilly family takes Matt and Shelby back to the property as an agreement they have with the Butcher to stay alive.

When they decide to escape, it doesn’t go as planned and Conroy uses a sledgehammer to shatter Shelby’s ankle (I guess they won’t be running around much longer.) fortunately for the two, as they are nearly killed – the butcher’s son takes matters into his own hands and stops the bloodshed, saving Matt, Shelby and Flora (who I totally think wouldn’t have lived this long but that’s beside the point.) While her own son pulls her into a fire, The others make a run for Lee’s car (she had just shown up in the knick of time) while the burning-woman chases after them. As we discover they had managed to survive, the family checks-in to a motel (another AHS Hotel nod right before transitioning to the real AHS 6?) and are haunted by the horrors but thrilled to have somehow lived through it all. So with the current storyline wrapping up, what does that leave for the remaining 5 episodes? All we currently know from the preview is that we will break the fourth wall with the camera crew behind the series and it will follow producer (Cheyenne Jackson) into something that is important while he says to “keep filming.” Will it have another character from AHS to center around? Is it possible the camera crew has been re-telling others stories through AHS every season? There are endless opportunities and next week all is revealed – so let’s hope that AHS had a mind-blowing twist in store for all of us horror lovers!

Overall Grade: 8/10
As we began to speculate, each episode certainly used sometimes subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle references to previous seasons. I don’t think that AHS Roanoke would have made for an entire season, so the mid-way transition and resolve is just enough to throw viewers off in an unexpected way and create a higher element of suspense and mystery around the true AHS mythology. Of all seasons, AHS 6 has kept the most from viewers which continues to excite and set up for a potential twist that will alter the course of AHS in the future.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-I’ve never been so excited to recap/review an episode of AHS as I am for next week’s installment.

-Nice subtle connection to the Mott family thrown in, RIP Dandy, Gloria and Edward – a family of crazies that is fun to watch.

-Current fan speculation seems to suggest the series could follow the production as well as the actors in the re-enactment of a Billie Dean Howard series (Sarah Paulson’s first role in the series as a gifted medium who predicted the end of the world.)

-I also feel like there is potential to tie in another baby storyline because of Gaga’s woods witch and Matt – similarly to the child in season 1 that could be the antichrist.

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