Scream Queens: 02×02, Warts And All (Recap/Review)

Scream Queens

At the end of last week’s episode of Scream Queens, the new green demonic costumed killer made his presence known — ending with the first C.U.R.E. patient being murdered and Chanel #5’s fate left unknown. The second episode, entitled “Warts and All”, picks up from where we left off with the blessing of #5 surviving the attack. The killer (who she describes to officers as a plant) left her alive with no one believing her story about the incident. Once things have calmed down a bit, they take on patient number two, a man completely covered in large warts who is desperately seeking their help. Zayday begins to appear suspicious of why Dean (now Doctor) Munsch would have taken such a reckless risk on investing her fortune in this particular program. With the help of Chamberlain the candy striper, the two agree to look into what her connection to the hospital could possibly be.

On the romantic front, Chanel and Dr. Brock go on a movie date where his semi-possessed hand gets a little aggressive, but Chanel makes it known she’s more than okay with it after years of being single. Chanel #5 sits in the hospital feeling gloomy about her own love life, which the wart-man understands in his own way. She explains her only boyfriend was a lacrosse player who broke up with her around her high school graduation, and oh yeah … He was also imaginary. (Reasons to love Chanel #5.) The patient shows her a picture of him pre-warts, and Chanel #5 is impressed with how “hot” she finds him to be — promising to find a way to finance the equipment needed to cure his ailment. While Chanel sits alone behind the nurses’ desk at the hospital, she hears screams, and the power is quickly cut. She begins to make an escape (smart girl) but is shocked to see the Red Devil killer in close range, as he reveals himself to be a still insensitive Chad Radwell. In reference to the cliffhanger of Season 1, Chanel tells her former boyfriend it wasn’t funny in the asylum, and it isn’t funny now (leading Chad to inform her that he wants to reconcile.)

Chad is back in Chanel’s life because of his friend who has a shrieking response to nearly everything after shooting Liz Cheney (you read that correctly). Chad can tell that Chanel and Dr. Brock have a connection, so presumably a competition will soon take place to vie for Chanel’s attention. #5, on the other hand, is busy creating a GoFundMe style video campaign with Sarah McLachlan playing in the background — which prompts Chanel to advise her minion that staying by his side through the “disease” will insure he sticks around. Zayday and Chamberlain find access to hospital records and history, discovering that the staff was murdered the night of Halloween in 1985 (the same night the season premiere flashback started). We then witness another scene in the 1985 plot where the party continues for the not-so-caring hospital that had just disposed of a man in the swamp behind the property. The masked killer wore the green demon costume, killing every person present — but was never caught by the authorities.

Chad and Dr. Brock have a typical testosterone fueled face-off about who will be with Chanel, leading to a (semi) sporting event that will decide who wins her like she’s their potential prize. With all of that going on elsewhere, #5 goes out for food with the wart-covered man she now cares for and practically assaults two men who publicly embarrassed him to prove her compassion for him (she cites being off her meds as the catalyst). While being confronted by Zayday about the hospital’s past, Munsch shares she believes she is dying from an unknown disease, and that is the true reason she wanted a hospital that addressed incurable health conditions. Munsch is later shown walking down the dark hallway alone and is attacked by the green demon-costumed killer, managing to evade his blade, beat him in hand-to-hand combat and nearly unmask him like Season 1. Unfortunately, #3 and Dr. Cascade interrupt long enough for him to escape, and Munsch hilarious states that, from now on, don’t bombard someone who is close to unmasking a murderer with pointless questions that distract. (Cue Munsch calling in Denise Hemphill to investigate yet again.)

Munsch, Denise, Chanel and #3 make a trip to a prison psych ward where Hester — yes, Hester — returns to give them insight on a psycho’s motives. In a Hannibal Lecter homage, she admits she knows quite a bit about the Green Meanie but must be transferred to their hospital and provided with a few rare beauty products that were discontinued years ago. Did I mention I missed Hester? She tells them that, until they meet her demands, she has nothing to offer them — ending the mini Kappa reunion for the time being. #5 begins to feel strongly about the patient at C.U.R.E., and the other Chanels celebrate how looks can be bypassed (talking about #5 — not the man whose face has been referenced as bubble wrap with a staff infection). Chanel tells them she funded the procedure, which means #5 could soon lose her potential love interest.

After Chad has someone do a little digging, he finds out that the hand of Dr. Brock was actually attached to a notorious racquetball player/murderer who was killed after being caught. He makes Brock aware that he knows his secret, making Brock livid and Chad confident of his place in Chanel’s life. Zayday does her own research and finds that the disease Munsch described is actually a disease from cannibalism that will kill her within the year, but she insists they keep it a secret. Chanel #5 FaceTimes her new boyfriend (yay for #5!), but he is taken into surgery before he can share the news he found out about the Green Meanie. #5 asks the Chanels if it were possible the surgery was moved up, but begins to quickly realize something is amiss. The three rush to the hospital but are too late to save him when a tearful #5 finds his body, and Chanel informs them that another serial killer is in their midst.

Overall Grade: 8.5/10
The second installment of Scream Queens gave better insight on the season’s direction at balancing horror, comedy and mystery at one point during the episode. The return of Hester and a fight with the new masked killer helped the episode improve upon the premiere — along with all those marvelous #5 scenes that remind us of why she is simply wonderful.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

– Hester is back, and her interactions with the Chanels will certainly be one of my favorite things this season.

– #5 had very short lived happiness, but it was nice to see her find at least a moment of love that didn’t include an invisible man or being “Eiffel towered.”

– I have no clue who this new killer could be, but I would assume it’s someone who was the killer during Halloween of 1985 (or at least is aware of their identity)

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