Scream Queens: 02×03, Handidates (Recap/Review)

scream Queens

After a week hiatus – Scream Queens returns with Chanel #5’s shot at love failing miserably. Chanel begins to question if it’s possible that #5 is the murderer, but they decide its best to cover up the murder because of the hospital’s fleeting reputation. As they dump his body and #5 says goodbye, Chanel points out her boyfriends corpse barfs – poor girl can’t catch a break. The Chanels and Munsch head back to the asylum for details on the killer’s identity, however Hester continues with 80’s workout tape demands as a well as a timeshare in Cabo San Lucas. Munsch decides she doesn’t need to fulfill Hester’s requests for the simple fact that a text from Chad states he knows the identity – not so trustworthy source, but let’s just go with it.

Chad’s suspect is none other than Dr. Brock, the MD with a hand transplant. Brock makes it known that Chad’s arrival coincides with the killer, pointing fingers back and forth while Chanel says she won’t simply back any wealthy guy who shows interest. Next we see a new case that invokes a sexual quest to stop a woman from continuous orgasms and #3 tells Dr. Cascade that she was never graced with her own. She compares it to not living, which Cassidy Cascade admits he died in high school, coming back from a post-kegger death that inspired him to become a doctor. Yes the logic is asinine, but that’s what makes #3 attracted to him and the scenario hilariously strange. (He now thinks his purpose is to make #3 feel alive.) Elsewhere, Chanel and the others follow a moisturizer lead from Hester that takes them to a nurse’s home – a nurse who survived the massacre of ’86.

The nurse acknowledges a connection to the doctor killing a patient in ’85, also sharing that he believes the killer is a girl based on a phone call from a mysterious voice threatening his life. Munsch is almost positive that there is a connection between the past and present murders, believing the hospital is the real reason behind the motive.  With their current information, they narrow it down to a 30 year old man who could be Chad, Cassidy or even Chamberlain. In order to solve the case of ridiculous amounts of orgasms, a steamy yoga session between #3 and Cascade solves the problem but ensures their strange connection. Chad feels threatened by Dr. Brock’s feelings for Chanel, causing him to propose to his college “sweetheart” which she immediately agrees to with Brock staring humorously/eerily from a distance.

With the very, very rushed wedding approaching, Chad admits he wants to semi-change his womanizing ways to please his fiancé. That is until he admits it could fizzle in a few months – classic Chad Radwell. With Zayday and #3 as bridesmaids and #5 as a ring bearer, the bizarre quick paced wedding is almost here! At the hospital, the new patient is cured of orgasms but a slow-motion blade is tossed, decapitating her and injuring Chamberlain… Leaving Zayday unharmed. Zayday and Denise are unable to pry answers from Hester who says “it’s too late” transitioning to the wedding as Chad is nowhere to be seen. That is… Until blood drips down on Chanel’s dress when Chad falls through the ceiling covered in blood and sending the others into a screaming frenzy. RIP Chad, we will all truly miss you.

Overall Grade: 8/10
This episode had some comedic filler moments, but Chad brought his classic comedy elements for one last time. The show is beginning to suggest that we could be seeing more former main characters meet their untimely demise, upping the bloodshed of Scream Queens once again.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-It was nice having you for as long as we could Chad, you will be missed.

-Chanel joined #5 at losing her supposed shot at love.

-Cassidy and #3 are the only remaining pair with some adorable attributes and making it likely he is the killer or sure to die.

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