Scream Queens: 02×06, Blood Drive

blood drive

Scream Queens is on Episode 6 of a 10 episode season, and this week we learned the identity of the Green Meanie — or at least one of them.

“Blood Drive”

To begin, we discovered a little backstory on Dr. Hoffel, who is actually the sister of Chanel’s former housekeeper Ms. Bean. Hoffel says she isn’t the killer (yet) but that her goal is to seek total revenge on the Chanels for the death of her sibling. Just how can she get her revenge? Hoffel announces a staff-wide competition of having a blood drive (because of the killer) with the winner receiving a paid vacation to Blood Island. With a name as ominous as Blood Island, you know it is guaranteed to have trouble such as deadly spiders, volcanic ash and a fight to reclaim the land. With Chanel willing to use her now large group of Chanels to help her, Hoffel chose the location to make it an unlikely chance of survival.

Chanel sees this as an opportunity to enlist Dr. Brock to go on the vacation with her if she should win the contest. There are probably easier blood-participants than poor Chanel #5, who is still recovering, or the other new Chanels, but it doesn’t stop her from draining the girls who follow her. The “gothic” Chanel divulges she has a fear of needles and can’t participate, but we’ll see soon enough because Chanel usually gets what she wants. The competition takes a turn when Munsch makes a claim (and a play for Dr. Brock) by informing them that Chanel has STDs — just about every single one possible. Now that Chanel’s blood cannot be used for the contest, she gleefully removes data from her chart and Chanel’s dreams of Blood Island with Brock seem like a distant memory, even if Hoffel is determined to make this wretched trip happen.

With everyone fighting over sexually transmitted diseases and a blood drive, Zayday tries her best to utilize the drive to get a sample of blood from the mother of the 1985 baby. She hopes she can convince the mother of the mystery child to donate, allowing Zayday to compare it to the hospital staff for any further evaluations — Chamberlain offers his aid, but Zayday wants to keep this one as close to herself as possible considering it could be anyone in her eyes. Back to the blood drive, Chanel drains blood from #5 until she can’t take anymore, but, in a last ditch effort to win, she steals bags full of blood from another blood drive to replenish her stash. When Chanel tries to add it, she finds empty drawers where her donations were and begins to hunt down the culprit. The blood trail leads her to Hester, who now has done her best to become a staff member at the C.U.R.E. Institute to stay out of lock-up. Hester has taken on the job of curing a man who believes he is a vampire, so she uses the “Blurred Lines” remedy, which is basically giving someone something so much they never want it again. (I don’t see anyone rushing to hear the song anymore, right?)

At that moment, Chanel realizes the lies being spread about STDs, when she was actually disease-free, making Brock interested in her once again. Hoping to continue her luck, Chanel finally persuades Chanel #9 to donate blood, having Chanel strap her down to calm her nerves. Chanel is distracted by Brock, leaving her follower with needles in arm and an opportune moment for the Green Meanie to strike again. Now, here’s the part where things take an interesting turn … Dr. Hoffel notices the Green Meanie enter with #9, and she actually is the first to confront him without fear of being the next victim. She persuades the killer to unmask himself so she can solidify trust and work with him, revealing the man behind the mask is Dr. Cascade after all — the son of the wronged couple in 1985 is now definitely one of the killers donning the mask. She says she will do her best to accompany him on his murder sprees, helping him finish off a bleeding Chanel #9 with her major request to let her kill the Chanels herself.

We do learn one other thing from the killer conversation: as Brock notes, there is someone else who has participated in the killings, but he has no idea who could be responsible — the mystery continues! When the others find the body of Chanel #9, they are only sad for a moment, and Chanel is happy that the major blood loss pushed her to her win the blood drive, and Munsch is frustrated that another victim appears to make the swamp “90% bodies.” Having won the contest, Chanel ends up declining the trip after Hoffel hands her plane tickets that Chanel doesn’t find acceptable for someone of her stature. Sorry, Hoffel, you’ll have to find another way to kill off our favorite mean-spirited heroine. The final scene of the episode shows Cascade gifting Hoffel with a Green Meanie costume of her own, which suggests there are three masked killers ready to up the body count.

Overall Grade: 8/10

The reveal about Cascade and now Hoffel was unexpected, which makes the fulfillment aspect of Scream Queens worthwhile. I like the element of a third killer but have no idea who it could be — perhaps Grace after seemingly being forgotten about? The episode had great comedic moments with Hester and her vampire cure, Munsch discussing the murderous hospital and Chanel doing anything she can to get what she wants. The reveal scene for Cascade was one of my favorite moments this season, and it felt much more serious than most scenes we’ve had thus far in Scream Queens Season 2.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

Chanel #5 cannot be stopped. A machete driven through her back, pints of blood drained from Chanel — there is nothing this woman can’t handle.

If we know two of the killers at this point of the season, I suspect a big twist is around the corner…

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