Scream Queens: 02×08, Rapunzel, Rapunzel (Review/Recap)


On this week’s episode of Scream Queens, we learn the identity of the third Green Meanie responsible for a season of murders. Consider yourself warned: if you continue to read, there will be spoilers. Now that you’ve decided to be a risk taker, it can be confirmed that Wes Gardner is the final murderer after a string of unfortunate events his daughter Grace experienced in response to surviving the Wallace University massacre. When we initially see Wes again, he has unknowingly eaten his hair to create a massive hairball/tumor doppelganger and reconnect with Cathy Munsch. We find out the two tried to make a relationship post-Season 1, but she inevitably left him and created a wedge between Grace and Wes.

Though Wes initially reiterates that Grace is off pursuing her doctorate at Stanford, he reveals otherwise to Chamberlain after the candy striper is the first to figure out he is involved. Chamberlain is the next hospital patient/employee to meet his demise. However, before he is killed, we do learn that Grace went insane after the murders at Wallace and was unable to overcome the trauma — actually being kept at Stanford Mental Asylum (easy mix up). Wes now holds the Chanels responsible for the struggles his daughter is facing, wanting to use the Green Meanie murders as an easy way to murder the girls and pin the blame elsewhere. The scene that revealed Wes’ involvement and the death of Chamberlain was an intense scene that brought back some of the seriousness to Scream Queens that appeals to me.

Zayday seems to be the one person who continuously explores the ongoing murder-mystery aspect and grows closer to finding out the truth. When fighting off and obtaining materials from the Green Meanie, she takes to fabric shops until finding out three costumes are out there — and that two of them came from Jane (Cascade’s mother). Zayday goes to Jane with the knowledge that she is involved, and Jane tells her she engrained it into her son’s mind to seek revenge; after all, there’s no logic behind a psychopath, she points out before drugging and capturing Zayday. Unfortunately for Zayday, it’s partially her own doing because she pushed away Chamberlain, who could have provided her with the information she needed. (R.I.P. Chamberlain.)

On a somewhat lighter note, Chanel and Brock spend the episode realizing they have vast age differences and life experience, such as Chanel Snapchatting sex or doting on Boy Meets World. As he grows more attracted to Munsch and their similarities, Chanel is granted the idea to seduce him via a World War II-themed party, greatly overestimating his age and offending the already irritated doctor. After coming to terms with the age gap, he decides to stay with Chanel and begin an affair with Cathy to satisfy all his needs and solidify the douchebaggery.

Overall Grade: 8/10

The episode was directed by the insanely talented Jamie Lee Curtis, who handled the interchanging elements with great success. Bringing back Wes in a much darker way was the best way to approach the Wes/Grace dynamic we left behind in Season 1, making them both more interesting as two people who have become unstable from experiencing horror and loss. I am increasingly excited to see how the season closes in just two episodes!

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

– Thank you for giving us a killer with major ties to Season 1 and a new way to tackle the upcoming finale.
– As usual, the Chanels are too caught up in their own personal lives to realize just how many people are after them, but that’s just part of their charm.
– I can’t be more thrilled to see Hester rejoining the ranks of the Chanel clique, which Chanel humorously addresses by stating her importance regardless of framing them for murder.

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