Scream Queens: 02×09, Lovin The D (Review/Recap)

Lovin The D

Just in case you didn’t realize it … Scream Queens is almost ready to conclude its second season, and we arrive to the penultimate episode with a meeting amongst the Green Meanies (plus Hester). Early on, the Chanels are attacked by the Green Meanies, and Dr. Cascade stops another from killing Chanel #3, as they had previously agreed to if it could keep their bizarre love intact. Just as Chanel is close to meeting her demise, a clash between the Green Meanies gives her enough time to escape — and Hester makes her presence known to the three killers and decides she will conduct a Green Meanie Summit. Before that can take place, the Chanels put aside their near-death experiences for a surprise visit from daytime television host, Dr. Scarlet Lovin, who hosts her own medical series called “Lovin the D” (as in Dr). Her reason for being there: to ask for the Chanels and Dr. Brock to perform a surgery after their recent accomplishment on the woman who absorbed her twin. When Dr. Lovin learns they aren’t actual med students, they agree to take the MCAT exam as soon as possible for their fellow Kappa sister.

At Hester’s Green Meanie summit, they discuss who killed whom — with Dr. Cascade responsible for a majority of the murders, Wes in second (He killed Chad and attacked #5 and Denise.), and Nurse Hoffel in dead last and who jockeys for a chance to kill the original Chanel. Wes isn’t as pleased by that, wanting to dish out his own revenge on Chanel, and a debate begins where they basically offer all the remaining characters for a chance to take out the queen bee. While this goes on, Hester reminds us she’s Wes’ daughter, and Cascade pretends (poorly) he will kill #3 even if everyone can see he loves her — but, ultimately, the vote favors Hoffel to kill Chanel.

Unfortunately for Chanel, her current older boyfriend Dr. Brock nearly strangles her and begins to acknowledge that he has a few killer instincts — also seeking advice from Hester (she’s truly making her rounds lately). Dr. Brock is now contemplating a life without Chanel, and it’s only enhanced by Hester’s murderess seduction tactics towards the sexually-charged doctor. Wes later comes up with his own idea and approaches Cascade for an alliance of sorts that would allow them to stop Hoffel and pin the blame on her (giving Wes Chanel and Cascade could aid #3). Cascade agrees to the arrangement but also has one other thing to worry about — introducing #3 to his mother with a two decade revenge plan mapped out. His mother isn’t keen on #3 (the Chanel made fair points about their psychotic tendencies) and makes him choose between them, so he chooses his mother and her revenge, which, once again, leaves #3 vulnerable to the other Green Meanies.

As Dr. Lovin’s live-surgery gets closer to fruition, the Chanels take the MCAT exam, passing with flying colors. It turns out that #3 cheated with Cascade’s help, meanwhile Chanel received the assistance of Dr. Brock. #5, however, had no help and actually pulled off a near perfect score, finally proving that #5 is a genius in addition to being all-around awesome — even though nobody else will give her a moment to shine. With Hoffel prepping her own plan to kill the Chanels, Wes tries to poison Chanel via coffee, but, just moments before the show, Dr. Lovin accidentally takes the toxic beverage that kills the beloved host. Who could step into her shoes with only a limited amount of time? Chanel Oberlin, of course! Chanel supervises the surgery and comments for the viewers — with major success and mass amounts of hilarity (Chanel Oberlin for president in 2020!). With the surgery completed and the producers loving her, the Chanels are offered the role of hosting “Lovin the D”. Dr. Brock is shocked he isn’t considered, but the Chanels are certainly overcome with joy that their “year long” dream has come true.

After learning that Wes had broken the pact at the Green Meanie Summit, Hoffel and Cascade use the fry oil tub they planned to use on the Chanels for Wes, instead — pinning the murders on him and pretending the Green Meanie massacre has concluded. With everything actually going well for the hospital, one last shock before the episode ends shows everyone else that Wes was the killer and was presumably burned alive (by “accident”), but the shock for Dean/Dr. Munsch made her pass out, yet again, with her fatal disease growing worse. By the time Munsch awakens, she shares the news of her illness with the rest of the staff, and they finally agree it’s time to search for a missing Zayday. With one episode left, there will surely be more death, humor and Chanels before Scream Queens concludes its second season.

Overall Grade: 8/10

The Chanels, including Hester, were major standouts for their snarky humor and quirky cavalier behavior about the ongoing murders. I am sad to see that Scream Queens is nearly over and have come to enjoy the fresh change of pace for Season 2, with a cast of characters that makes the series shift between evoking laughter and concern for favorites. My main hope for the finale would be to see the Chanels keep up their success (with Hester/Cascade at their side) and Dr. Munsch somehow battling her illness — everyone else is fair game!

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

– Chanel hosting a daytime series makes perfect sense. I would watch anything that she is behind.

– Cascade and #3 make a cute pair. I hope their love can survive!

– Chanel #5 is a certified genius who is also an overlooked queen — Chanel #5 for Chanel’s vice president!

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