What To Wear: Bled Basics

The Florida based clothing company Bled Basics (established in 2013) is an up and coming staple for simplicity with and an edge. Recently, I was able to obtain a few of the apparel companies tees and thought I might need to give you a little idea of what they have to offer before you’ve missed out and it’s gone.

The first shirt is a white cotton tee (screen-printed by hand) with a ski mask as the focal point. Across the bottom of the shirt is the signature ‘Bled’ name in a 90’s pop culture inspired font with the overall design that feels reminiscent to the film Spring Breakers – so who wouldn’t enjoy a reminder of the party drama starring James Franco and Selena Gomez?

The second is a cotton tee in black (made the same way) with a reference to two things everyone will experience: death and caffeine. The shirt has a grim reaper image centered without being an in-your-face size, holding his sickle and a cup of steaming coffee. The words “even in death” that lie beneath the reaper sum up the gist of the feeling referenced, bringing fun to a more casual tee for those lovers of black everything (shirts, shoes, pants, you can never have too much.)

Bled Basics offers an array of other tees such as multiple tie dye printed shirts with phrases / melty images, or even the clever cropped tee that reads “raindrop, croptop.” Bled Basics is definitely a brand worth checking out and is a solid reminder to support independent designers with fun and casual wear – at the very least you’ll find some fun kickback clothing with a darker vibe and create some fun social media pictures! Check out Bled Basics for more of their designs and watch for upcoming tees in the near future!

For an exclusive 20% discount on your purchase, use the promo code ‘AedanJuvet’ at checkout.

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