About Aedan


Aedan is a 25 year old writer and self proclaimed pop culture aficionado, born and raised in California. He shows relentless passion for film, television, comics and anime — while also enjoying fashion, music and more. Aedan has experience covering most all subjects and functions such as San Diego Comic Con, anime conventions and film/television premiere events. He’s currently a Senior Staff Writer for the entertainment news site PopWrapped, as well as a film and television writer for Hidden Remote/FanSided and a contributor for the comic book based section of FanSided known as Bam Smack Pow. He has accumulated over 70,000 followers across social media platforms with nearly 3,000,000 impressions online and ranked in the top 5% of Instagram influencers. When Aedan isn’t writing about his passions, he can be found perpetually viewing episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, or actively using social media outlets to share his odd quirks with regular doses of sarcasm and wit.

Contact : aedanjuvet@gmail.com

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