Friday The 13th: The Game Is An Instant Horror Cult Classic (Review)

Friday The 13th: The Game Is An Instant Horror Cult Classic (Review) | Friday The 13th: The Game

Game: Friday The 13th: The Game

Released By: Illfonic / Gun Media

Release Date: May 26. 2017

Retail Price: $39.99

The horror genre is a niche genre with perhaps not the biggest fan base – but one of the most dedicated. When it comes to horror video games, there are a few staple franchises (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Outlast, etc) that are toted as the current and former go-to horror games, but it’s a fan-funded game that brings a famous franchise to life in the virtual world that has changed the genre games as a whole. When Gun Media and Illfonic announced they would be creating a game around Friday the 13th, fans were ecstatic. After decades, one of the horror genres most iconic slasher villains would come to us in a new and exciting platform – but could it live up to the massive hype?

For starters, the game was purely fan-funded through Kickstarter and BackerKit really giving fans the ability to see this title come to life – offering various perks that ranged from multiple maps, a variety of skins and more importantly a diverse amount of kills. While the game earned more than one million dollars for the production of a title (which includes licensing features as well) the game became a reality and the excitement levels only continued to rise. When Friday the 13th: The Game was released in late May after a few small delays, the game had server issues that initially frustrated console gamers, but as someone who didn’t experience the issues (too much at least) it was a game that from the moment you jump into, you feel the ambiance of a true slasher title.

The gameplay for Friday the 13th is comprised of an online multiplayer setup, with seven camp counselors to one Jason. For first impressions, you might assume that Jason would have a hard time finding and killing seven other players, but the balance is enough to have different results. Sometimes all counselors might die, in others there could be multiple avenues for escape. Other horror games don’t seem to offer much in the multiplayer capacity – at least not usually more than a couple characters or partnership. The online function makes it the most realistic in terms of creating a horror vibe, with each person having their own idea. Some may want to group together, some may want to go through the match alone, but it’s that choice that makes Friday the 13th unique to other games – the setup is the same but each match promises different results.

What I love most about the franchise, is the methods used to make things as authentically horror as possible. You have the option of being in the dark woods, cabins, barns, and houses to hide out in – something that the recent console release Dead By Daylight could take a note from. You could find yourself leaping through windows to avoid the masked killer, barricading doors, or even hiding out as he passes by in pursuit of someone else (been there multiple times.) To make things even more enjoyable, you have a few ways to survive the mayhem: repairing the phone to call police, working on a car to escape, driving a boat or even surviving the duration of the match (20 minutes per match.) This aids my statement about the creativity behind the game as in a real slasher movie all would be plausible escapes to attempt. As if that isn’t enough to intrigue you, weapons and first aid sprays are scattered throughout a each map (flare gun, bat, machete, etc) to better your survival chances.

Playing as Jason is an exhilarating feeling (even though surviving the match as a counselor is more adrenaline inducing) with abilities that feel like horror tropes. For example, you can teleport anywhere on the map which wasn’t something Jason did, but was something that felt like the case as a slasher villain could be anywhere. Killing him is ridiculously hard to pull off (rightfully so) but he can be stunned and injured to keep the extensive chase scenes going. As he approaches, the infamous music plays to cue his presence, which is needed for the counselors to have a fighting chance but also amps up the horror energy as if you were in a movie.

When the game came out, there were glitches and bugs that have been (and continue to be tweaked) where connection was slowed or people find loopholes to hide out (that lake glitch really irked a few Jasons) but for being a game without a major video game company backing it, I would say that they are truly minor surface issues in the active development of what I would consider to be my favorite horror video game since Left 4 Dead – and that’s from a self proclaimed horror aficionado. Friday the 13th provides us with a third person perspective for Jason and the counsellors (another major plus in my book) and three ever constantly changing maps that keeps your from figuring everything out too quickly and countless chances for success or failure. Overall, the game has plenty of perks and I would love to see the company use the formula to bring other fan-favorite slashers to life in the gaming world – anyone else begging for an open world Scream game with Ghostface? Check out the all around entertaining game available now on Xbox One and the PS4, you surely won’t regret the virtual horror it offers!

Overall Grade: 8/10

For the horror-based atmosphere, jump scares and massive range of gameplay possibilities, Friday the 13th earns itself a solid score with successes that other horror games and production companies should take cues from in the future. Keep in mind that it is probably most enjoyable for those die-hard horror fans and conversely, those who scare easily because not many games have gone the slasher route all that well.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

– The game surpassed my hopeful expectations and feels like I could play it for years to come.

– The gameplay and mapping are wonderful additions to the concept and designs.

– I can’t wait to see what additional DLC is in the works… and I’m entirely serious about hoping this can be a gateway game for more slasher franchises.

Horror Game ‘Araya’ Receives First Chilling Gameplay Trailer


First we had Friday the 13th, then we heard about Dead by Daylight, and now we have another horror game to salivate over for 2016 – Araya. The game is currently set for PC (and virtual reality via Oculus Rift) taking place in an abandoned Thai hospital while hoping to piece together the murder of Araya, and some strange occurrences begin to commence. The game was announced with a teaser trailer (included below) and I highly recommend you take the time to watch it with your speakers cranked up to maximize the necessary horror effect! The Steam website describes the game by explaining: “Araya is a first person adventure/horror game designed for use with Virtual Reality headsets. Explore and interact with the environment to survive the horrors and dangers that will undoubtedly come your way.”

Not much else is known at this point of development, but the integration of horror and virtual reality is the most innovative attempt at creating an authentic horror gaming experience. Sure, Oculus Rift may be nearly $500, so in the mean time online gaming will do – but who wouldn’t want to get the full on scares of Araya in the most realistic way possible! Watch the trailer for Araya below and let us know what you think in the comments!


What We Know About 10 Cloverfield Lane So Far (Theories And Speculation)

10 cloverfield lane

10 Cloverfield Lane is approaching us quickly, but the film is already providing some of what made the first film so memorable – an iconic marketing scheme. The 2008 film added various websites and blogs dedicated to providing tidbits of information regarding the monster-flick such as Slusho, the Japanese slushy company that had ties to the ocean and ingredients that set the company up as a mysterious faction of the Cloverfield story. When it originally occurred, I was enamored by the eerie and unique tie-ins, and having the opportunity to enter research mode once again has brought happiness to my fanboy heart. In the original Cloverfield viral marketing campaign we learned that Slusho was in partnership with Tagurato, who at the time was deep-sea drilling and at the very least discovered the secret Slusho ingredient.

The website for the partner company of Slusho (Tagurato) who also claims to be involved in medical experiments and studies – was recently discovered to have an updated hidden page that includes employees of the month (first found by a Cloverfield Redditor) and lists Howard Stambler, a telemetary analyst for a sub-company named Bold Futura. What ensures the connection is that the man is also revealed to be John Goodman’s character in the Cloverfield spinoff/sequel film. Stambler’s information reads: “Howard will celebrate his seven-year anniversary with Bold Futura in the fall. This month, Howard’s drive, commitment and refusal to accept easy answers resulted in a significant breakthrough diagnosing transmission complications with two of our governmental clients’ orbiting satellites”

As some of you may remember, the end of Cloverfield included a brief shot of something falling into the ocean – later suggested to be a satellite involved with the Tagurato company. Many who have continued to research the marketing tactics of the franchise believe the satellite woke the Cloverfield creature from its slumber, and the mysterious company discovered something they weren’t prepared for. This was also hinted at with Slusho’s “seabed nectar” that will “make your belly pop” which was an occurrence from the bite of the smaller creatures in Cloverfield. If anything this adds more confirmation of a deep connection to the original film, with one of the three characters being confirmed as a Tagurato employee. The only thing we know about the plot of 10 Cloverfield Lane so far is that Goodman’s character hopes to contain himself and two others in a bomb shelter like structure, in fear of what resides outside. With his company associations and satellite knowledge, it’s highly plausible that he knows exactly what is going on and Stambler could play a major role to shed light on the Cloverfield mythology.

In his employee of the month photo, the character of Stambler is wearing a Radioman ’70 shirt, and usually you wouldn’t need to focus on these random inclusions, but with Cloverfield every detail requires an analytical approach. If you search, you will be re-directed to a website called “Fun and Pretty Things.” At first glance it isn’t much, but the first sign that it is a Cloverfield tie-in is the Eiffel tower image (the Eiffel Tower is shown as art and clothing repeatedly in the 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer.) The only clickable link on the page is a screenshot from the film Pretty in Pink, which pulls up a box requiring a pass code. If you go back to find the scene from Pretty in Pink, you will discover that she receives a message stating “do you want to talk?” which turns out to be the passphrase. The next uncovered message is a letter from a father to his daughter, after being kept away because of his ex-wife. The letter (a second was recently updated) is visibly written in code, mentioning discovering something while in the Navy, and referencing a bunker built for protection that could be the location of 10 Cloverfield Lane – or a mislead to avoid government interference. At the end of the letters lies a chat box asking “are you megan?” and when selecting yes, it asks a security question about her 13th birthday present. This is where we’ve hit a temporary roadblock, as no one has quite discovered the next answer – but we continue to evaluate clues from the websites and trailer until a new development is made. In the mean-time, the recent Super Bowl ad for 10 Cloverfield Lane adds to the theory that the $5 million budget was a smokescreen to hide the potential of the original film’s “blood relative.” A final shot shows Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character escaping, only to freeze in front of a glowing light and an intimidating road. J.J. Abrams team has not only shocked us with a film tied to the 2008 found-footage movie, but resurrected the brilliant marketing methods that helped make the film an undeniable creative powerhouse. I think I can speak for the rabid fanbase by stating these crossover notions about the first film and 10 Cloverfield Lane are exactly what we had hoped for… but I’m still crossing my fingers for a glimpse at the survivors of the NYC events in Cloverfield! 10 Cloverfield Lanehits theaters March 11th – but watch out for more Cloverfield coverage and speculation as we get closer to the release date!