The 100: 04×10, Die All, Die Merrily (Review/Recap)

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The battle of the conclave is ready to commence, and Octavia is amped up and ready to battle for her people on one of the best episodes The 100 has offered us.

“Die All, Die Merrily” Recap

With each sect providing a warrior (in addition to two advisers), they gather inside the walls of Polis to fight for those they represent — but Clarke and Bellamy have no intentions of persuading Octavia from proving herself in this epic battle. Everyone else represented in battle must resort to a warded-off section to remove them from the fray, concerning Bellamy and Clarke. Octavia on the other hand becomes more concerned by the fact that her brief fling with Ilian will be coming to an end as he is present to fight for his own people in a war where only one is intended to survive. He doesn’t seem as concerned to fight Octavia as much as she is, so the budding romance looks to (potentially) be a false alarm.

Enter Gaia, who fills the warriors in on the rules of battle — a gruesome fight to the end — and collecting the sigils of the fallen, which is when Luna arrives and makes her presence know to enter the battle. The difference between Luna and those other warriors is that Luna has nobody left to fight for, so if she were to win it would mean that nobody will survive (a very dark and bittersweet notion for the Floukru sole survivor.) Clarke knows it cannot bode well for the others seeing as how Luna is actually the only with legitimate training for this very reason, but Roan doesn’t want to forge any alliance that deviates from their traditional tactics. Clarke’s concerns only grow because of Roan’s indifference, so all of their survival rides solely on Ocatvia in battle.

As Octavia prepares for the intense trials, Indra appears to give her a few tips to withstand the others, throwing Octavia off since she opted to be an adviser for Trikru. That’s when Octavia is genuinely surprised by the next thing Indra does, telling our favorite grounder that “she” is her people. How can you not love these two? I am all for a Octavia/Indra 2020 presidential campaign, and, if you aren’t, you need to get there with me. With Octavia nearing the battle, her brother and Kane offer suggestions to aid her survival (basically, the good old-fashioned hiding technique) until only one other remains. It might not be Octavia’s preferred method of battle, but it’s something she begins to see as a viable option to dodge some of the unavoidable bloodshed. Even though she misses an inital portion of the fight (Roan had already established a kill count.), she comes face to face with an enraged Luna who has abandoned her peaceful way of life to cuase some carnage against the fleeting humanity. Octavia manages to stray from Luna’s path just in time to turn down a proposed pact between her and Illian – but it doesn’t stop him from helping her fight off three other men. Kane and Bellamy (who watch from afar) notice that Echo is no longer around which leaves a scent of untrustworthyness to the Blake sibling, later finding her shooting arrows at the other warriors.

Just as Bellamy is able to stop Echo from interfering any further, she fires off an arrow that pierces Illian’s throat before Octavia’s eyes (a very dark scene one might add.) Echo prepares to finish Octavia herself, but Bellamy nearly kills her when Roan discovers what she has done – banishing her from Azgeda and resulting in a slow-clap from myself. Next we learn of the conclave fight, everyone except for Roan, Octavia and Luna has since died and Roan offers a partnership with Octavia to kill Luna and battle it out between the pair. I must admit, I really wanted to see the three make it out alive, but at least it makes for an interesting event! We briefly see a shot of Bellamy getting kidnapped by a mysterious figure, but the attention is fully focused on the brewing battle between the three remaining participants. As it begins, Luna Octavia and Roan begin a masterful fight that showcases some of the major assets to The 100 for its intensity and enjoyably manufactured fight sequences. Mid battle, the acid rain begins to pour down, sending Octavia for cover but Roan and Luna continue their epic brawl until she stabs him and ensures the death by drowning to send a message — she really likes a sense of finality apparently.

Luna follows Octavia whilist giving a speech about the inner darkness of humanity, stumbling up to a cabinet with trickles of blood she assumes is Octavia’s. Luna begins to stab-away and is met with a blade through the back courtesy of Octavia’s cleverness and ability to hide (such as her entire existance on the ark I suppose.) With the final death now in place, Octavia is told that her people now hold the bunker as their own… but something Clarke has done may change that for everyone again. Octaiva offers that the bunker is for everyone to suggest a peace treaty as Lincoln would have appreciated to everyone’s pleasure, but Clarke and Jaha took out the guards and moved Skaikru into the safe haven. So after putting her life on the line for her people, humanity as a whole and a chance at survival, Clarke has once again made an executive decision that thwarted anyone else’s input and continues to ensure I will not ever be able to root for the worst person to lead Skaikru or anyone for that matter.

Overall Grade: 8.5/10

Of all of the episodes this season, this feels to have the best essence of the series by returning to the conflict for survival and the high stakes aspects the series does best. I additionally was pleased to see an Octavia centric episode and I believe The 100 writers should groom her to be the next lead as Clarke spirals further down the rabbit hole of unsuccessful leadership. The fight scenes and dramatic overtones were a perfect fit to the post-apocalyptic series, making the 10th episode one of the most memorable installments they’ve provided thus far.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

  • With 3 episodes left, I am very concerned to see how things will play out for the survival of Skaikru if Clarke continues as the role she’s placed herself in.
  • RIP to Roan and Luna, two supporting characters who I enjoyed for the time they were around.
  • This episode was one that original fans of the series should truly enjoy. It felt like an mini-film with all of the series’ best elements.

The 100: 04×01, Echoes (Review/Recap)


After what felt like a long hiatus, television’s best current sci-fi series The 100 is back for the premiere of its fourth season (yes, can you believe we are four seasons in?)!

“Echoes” Recap / Review

The season picks up with “Echoes” after the destruction of Season 3, and there’s still plenty of chaos to deal with. On one hand, Octavia helps an injured Indra and informs her she took care of Pike (which every viewer was glad to watch), and Clarke begins to face instant backlash from the people of Polis who hold her responsible for the destruction and downfall of their community. As Clarke tells those closest to her that departing the city is probably the safest bet, she is informed that the king (Roan) survived being shot, but the bullet remains lodged in his body. Kane and Abby hope to do their best to aid him, but Echo insists their own people will look out for the dying king.

Echo appears to be prepared to fight for power, showing his disdain for Skaikru, and states that Azgeda (Ice Nation) now rules over Polis — which is immediately questioned by an ambassador who states the group of ambassadors will reign until a new commander ascends through their traditional methods. Echo resorts to violence (the way her people seem to know best) and slices the woman’s throat to ensure Azgeda holds the throne for the time being. Echo asks (actually, it’s more of an order) that no members of Skaikru are allowed to exit the city, but, thanks to the Flamekeeper’s secret tunnel, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Kane, Abby and Indra have their exit strategy. Octavia and Indra are more than ready to wage a war between Azgeda and the pre-existing Grounders, but Clarke knows more than she’s letting on — finally sharing the purpose of the City of Light. With the news that the world they know will cease to exist in six months, they have Raven look into the claims despite Clarke’s certainty of ALIE’s legitimacy when it comes to the expiration date of the world.

Echo is later informed by a soldier that Skaikru plans to surrender to Azgeda, taking Jaha with her to discuss the details. During this time, she says she will only speak with Bellamy because of their former bond, presumably, and Octavia (with Jaha’s aid) uses the time as a distraction to free Abby and Clarke, who then begin to work on saving Roan’s life by removing the bullet. Though they successfully remove the bullet, he doesn’t wake up in time, and Echo realizes something is amiss, sending several guards to surround Octavia, Clarke and Abby with the order ushered to kill Wanheda. Luckily for her, Roan regains consciousness, and Clarke tries to use the treaty as reason to keep them alive. For the time being, he has them all locked away while Echo tries to convince him that the death of Wanheda will unite his people to fall in line as the king.

Things at Arkadia consist of the group trying their best to return to normal life (or as close to normal as they can get); Raven repairs their mainframe after the ALIE debacle and Jasper tries to right his wrongs after being persuaded by the ALIE chip. He returns to his room, where he glances at a painting from Maya and prepares to shoot himself in his living quarters, but Monty accidentally (and thankfully) interrupts his attempt with news that Raven has come across. Raven divulges that, after the second Fukushima mishap, a reactor was made to combat the radiation — lasting for 100 years. The problem now: their time is nearly up, and the six month warning courtesy of ALIE and Clarke seems to be in play. With their world close to coming to an end (again), Jasper’s suicidal thoughts are thwarted, and he seems to be ready to wait out the end of times.

Back at Polis, Roan meets with Clarke, and, while he insinuates he doesn’t want to kill her, it may be his best option to appease those he is now leading. Clarke believes they need science (something his people don’t do best in, but, hey, it’s not my forte either!). The compromise they reach? Clarke offers up the chip (flame) to him so people are forced to follow him until he can help the next Nightblood ascend as the new Flamekeeper. With the agreement in place, Echo gives Bellamy and the others an item to show they are protected from harm, and everyone (with the exception of Kane and Abby) head back to Arkadia to reunite with their people and hopefully find a way to survive what’s to come. The last shot shows they will need to work fast when a woman wandering the dead zone is turned into ash from the increasing radiation that threatens to wipe out an entire planet and the remaining groups of civilization.

Overall Grade: 8/10

The 100 has a marvelous way of diving back into the world they’ve created, throwing new stories and tying up ones with loose ends. The new threat of radiation wiping out the planet could make the most dangerously uncontrollable opponent yet and is something that they won’t easily be able to solve. This may not have had every adrenaline-pumping moment other premieres have had, but it’s off to a strong start, and The 100 reminds viewers that, even four seasons in, there are no signs of slowing down — and I have no complaints.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

– Clarke taking some backlash is always needed to push her to be a more well-rounded figure — if she can actually take the critiques into consideration.

– Octavia looks like she will continue to be molded into a warrior queen with aspects of all of the factions she’s encountered. Octavia > Clarke.

– Abby and Kane staying behind makes me nervous for the pair, but I suppose I am always cautious about the safety of those two.

What We Know About 10 Cloverfield Lane So Far (Theories And Speculation)

10 cloverfield lane

10 Cloverfield Lane is approaching us quickly, but the film is already providing some of what made the first film so memorable – an iconic marketing scheme. The 2008 film added various websites and blogs dedicated to providing tidbits of information regarding the monster-flick such as Slusho, the Japanese slushy company that had ties to the ocean and ingredients that set the company up as a mysterious faction of the Cloverfield story. When it originally occurred, I was enamored by the eerie and unique tie-ins, and having the opportunity to enter research mode once again has brought happiness to my fanboy heart. In the original Cloverfield viral marketing campaign we learned that Slusho was in partnership with Tagurato, who at the time was deep-sea drilling and at the very least discovered the secret Slusho ingredient.

The website for the partner company of Slusho (Tagurato) who also claims to be involved in medical experiments and studies – was recently discovered to have an updated hidden page that includes employees of the month (first found by a Cloverfield Redditor) and lists Howard Stambler, a telemetary analyst for a sub-company named Bold Futura. What ensures the connection is that the man is also revealed to be John Goodman’s character in the Cloverfield spinoff/sequel film. Stambler’s information reads: “Howard will celebrate his seven-year anniversary with Bold Futura in the fall. This month, Howard’s drive, commitment and refusal to accept easy answers resulted in a significant breakthrough diagnosing transmission complications with two of our governmental clients’ orbiting satellites”

As some of you may remember, the end of Cloverfield included a brief shot of something falling into the ocean – later suggested to be a satellite involved with the Tagurato company. Many who have continued to research the marketing tactics of the franchise believe the satellite woke the Cloverfield creature from its slumber, and the mysterious company discovered something they weren’t prepared for. This was also hinted at with Slusho’s “seabed nectar” that will “make your belly pop” which was an occurrence from the bite of the smaller creatures in Cloverfield. If anything this adds more confirmation of a deep connection to the original film, with one of the three characters being confirmed as a Tagurato employee. The only thing we know about the plot of 10 Cloverfield Lane so far is that Goodman’s character hopes to contain himself and two others in a bomb shelter like structure, in fear of what resides outside. With his company associations and satellite knowledge, it’s highly plausible that he knows exactly what is going on and Stambler could play a major role to shed light on the Cloverfield mythology.

In his employee of the month photo, the character of Stambler is wearing a Radioman ’70 shirt, and usually you wouldn’t need to focus on these random inclusions, but with Cloverfield every detail requires an analytical approach. If you search, you will be re-directed to a website called “Fun and Pretty Things.” At first glance it isn’t much, but the first sign that it is a Cloverfield tie-in is the Eiffel tower image (the Eiffel Tower is shown as art and clothing repeatedly in the 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer.) The only clickable link on the page is a screenshot from the film Pretty in Pink, which pulls up a box requiring a pass code. If you go back to find the scene from Pretty in Pink, you will discover that she receives a message stating “do you want to talk?” which turns out to be the passphrase. The next uncovered message is a letter from a father to his daughter, after being kept away because of his ex-wife. The letter (a second was recently updated) is visibly written in code, mentioning discovering something while in the Navy, and referencing a bunker built for protection that could be the location of 10 Cloverfield Lane – or a mislead to avoid government interference. At the end of the letters lies a chat box asking “are you megan?” and when selecting yes, it asks a security question about her 13th birthday present. This is where we’ve hit a temporary roadblock, as no one has quite discovered the next answer – but we continue to evaluate clues from the websites and trailer until a new development is made. In the mean-time, the recent Super Bowl ad for 10 Cloverfield Lane adds to the theory that the $5 million budget was a smokescreen to hide the potential of the original film’s “blood relative.” A final shot shows Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character escaping, only to freeze in front of a glowing light and an intimidating road. J.J. Abrams team has not only shocked us with a film tied to the 2008 found-footage movie, but resurrected the brilliant marketing methods that helped make the film an undeniable creative powerhouse. I think I can speak for the rabid fanbase by stating these crossover notions about the first film and 10 Cloverfield Lane are exactly what we had hoped for… but I’m still crossing my fingers for a glimpse at the survivors of the NYC events in Cloverfield! 10 Cloverfield Lanehits theaters March 11th – but watch out for more Cloverfield coverage and speculation as we get closer to the release date!